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The Ziik is the regional currency of The Zanziik Republic, the Ziik is regulated by the ZRRB, or the Zanziik Republic Regional Bank.


The Ziik is broken into 100 Shlotse, and then on top of that there are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, and 100 Shlotse coins. The Ziik comes in 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, and 500 Ziik notes. The Ziik notes are printed in each of the founding nations of Buben, Rammsteinburg, Riegab, and Zanziik, however the Shlotse coins are minted in each nation, the front pictures the regional seal and the reverse fetures a custom design for each nation, this is why they are minted in each nation. Examples are below.


On the front or the Riegaban coins is their motto, Primo cogitamus, deinde agimus. Then on each of the coins there is an engraving of past Chancellors, although a new design for the 50 Shlotse piece has Emperor Hariosi on it, and their 1 Ziik coin has an engraving of a tiger, their national animal.


All coin's have the Profile of the Emperor on the one side with scene's of various location's and event's through out the Empire, except the 25cent Ziik piece and the $1 Ziik which carry the Profile of the Founding Emperor Constanine and the Second Emperor Ralph.

Bill's carry the Grace of past Prime Minister's on the $2, $5 & $10. The $20 carry's the profile of the current Emperor, while the $50 hold's Second Emperor Ralph and finally the $100 carry's the profile of Emperor Constantine. The backside of all bill's carry location's of National Parks and Pristine location's in the Imperial Empire. From time to time these bill's are released with profile's of wildlife with-in the Empire's many National Park's.

A special commemorative coin is currently being produced to honour those fallen with-in the Defence of the Formor Dominion.


All coins have the flag of Rammsteinburg along with the national motto, Für die Leute, on them. The $1 bill has the picture of Christoph Sonne, Rammsteinburg's first Prime Minister and a major leader during the Rammsteinburg civil war. The $5 bill has the face of King Dominik, the man who put an end to the Rammsteinburg civil war and called for the constitutional convention. $10 and $20 bills have the face of the current king, King Florian. The $50 bill has a picture of The Blue House, the home of Rammsteinburg's legislature. Finally, $100 and $500 bills commemorate those who died in the Rammsteinburg civil war.



The Ziik gets it's name from the nation of Zanziik, it was originaly their curreny only, but when he later decided to leave the game Buben, Rammsteinburg, and Riegab made the new region of TZR, thus when Zanziik came back we found it fitting to name it after him, and the Shlotse comes from the currency of Riegab, as the strongest nation economically in the region, they decided to honor this and name the divisions of the Ziik after that.


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