Cody Joachim

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Cody Joachim
U21 Caps:5
U21 Goals:0
Clubs Played For:Montepool Waves
Liga Starblaydia Goalie of the Year, Season 2, AOCAF7 Winner

Poor, unlucky Cody Joachim. Sandwiched between the great names of Rodriguez Da Silva, Markus Cragg, and Fernando De Marco on one side, with the young guns of Thaddeus Gonzalez, Angelos Prokopsis and Corominas on the other, Cody became the un-used meat in a tightly-contested fight for Starblaydi goalkeeping jerseys.

Instead of walking into the #1 slot for World Cup or AOCAF squads, Cody had to prove himself at a domestic level with the Montepool Waves, which didn't start especially well. Playing in goal for a team in the old Beta division was never going to attract the attention of Starblaydi selectors, no matter how good his performances were. When the divisions were merged into Liga Starblaydia, Cody and a skillful Montepool side had to fight their way to the top. In this they succeded, winning the Tiberius Cup in their first Liga season. Two years later the ultimate prize arrived in the Liga STarblaydia Championship for Season 3, as Montepool stole it from Iskara Daii on the last day of the Season.

Unfortunately this success came a little to late for Cody, but Goalkeeping experts around the country all point to him as one of the best ever in Liga Starblaydia, hence his honouring with the Goalkeeper of the Year award for Season 2.

Preceded by:
Angelos Prokopsis
Liga Starblaydia Goalkeepers of the Year
Season 2
Followed by:
Thaddeus Gonzalez