ESAT at the First Summer Olympics

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The Extraterritorial Sovereign Ariddian Territory's presence at the First Summer Olympics was overseen by the ESAT National Olympic Committee (EATNOC). The country's (non-official) sports' code is EAT.

ESAT’s participation in the Games was entirely unofficial. Despite officially being a sovereign nation, ESAT has an unusual status, and EATNOC is not a member committee of the Olympic Council.

ESAT sent a single athlete to the Games, cyclist Annabel Mild. Mild has joint Esati and Ariddian nationality. Ms. Mild’s announcement that she planned to compete as a representative of ESAT caused significant controversy (see full story). The Ariddian Olympic Committee eventually held talks with EATNOC, and an agreement was reached whereby Mild would be officially integrated into Ariddia's delegation, but would unofficially be viewed as a representative of ESAT, and a seperate, unofficial medal tally would be held for the Esati athlete.


   Gold       Silver       Bronze    Total
EAT ESAT (EAT) 0 0 0 0

Delegation & results



Women's Road Race

2:51:46.36 (56th)

Mountain Bike

Women's Cross Country

0:58:48.19 (32nd)

First Summer Olympics
Host city: Ashford (Casari)
Other candidates: International Democratic Union, Sonoma City (Bedistan), Timiocato (Pacitalia)
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