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Sonoma City, Sonoma, Bedistan
Province Sonoma
 - Metropolitan (2083 est.)

Time zone AOTC

Sonoma City is the largest city in Bedistan. It is located in the south central part of Bedistan's main landmass, in Sonoma province (map).


Sonoma City was founded by Bedistan's colonial rulers in 1971. It remained a relatively small city for a while, with a population of only about 145,000 when Bedistan gained independence in 2003. During the 2000s and 2010s, though, its population absolutely exploded and the city remained just slightly smaller than the capital, Columbia, for many years. The 2070 census was the first one showing Sonoma City as having a larger population than the capital.

Sonoma City, and specifically Fillmore National Stadium, played host to the World Cup 18 final in Bedistani year 2058, where the Rejistanian national team defeated Kaze Progressa 4-3 despite Progressan Sani Luvo's hattrick, the first one ever scored in a World Cup final. Fillmore National also hosts Bedistan national team World Cup qualifying matches and is expected to host the final match of the upcoming NSFA Cup 2.


Sonoma City has two professional football teams competing in the BPL, BFL, and associated tournaments: the Sonoma City Volcanoes and Concrete Jungle FC.


Sonoma City is widely regarded as the entertainment capital of Bedistan, and perhaps all of Atlantian Oceania. This is because many major national and international entertainment and communications corporations have their headquarters in Sonoma City. Both the Bedistan News Network (BNN) and Bedistan Sports Television (BSTV) broadcast from here, and it also houses the headquarters of major newspapers such as The Bedistan Sports Digest and GDB Today. In addition, more movies are made in Sonoma City than anywhere else in southern Atlantian Oceania.

While most of Bedistan's automobile manufacturers are located in the central and northern parts of the nation, Fillmore Motor Company has had its base of operations in Sonoma City since 2009.

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