Haven (city)

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Haven (city)
Nation: Ariddia
Function: N/A
Population: unspecified
Leader: unspecified

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A statue of Sylvia. This unofficial symbol of Ariddia, who once stood facing the pristine forest, now faces the sea and welcomes visitors.

A quiet city despite its population, Haven is home to the beautiful Pacific Botanical Gardens, and the Wymgani Cultural Centre, which coordinates Wymgani cultural exhibitations and events throughout the city and the nation, and contains a permanent indoor and outdoor museum dedicated to Wymgani culture, history, society, beliefs, way of life and art.

Outside the city itself is the small Haven International airport (HAV). Also near the city is Haven-Port-Nouveau Stadium, one of Ariddia's four renovated football stadia.

Haven is twinned with the cities of Bexley (British Londinium), Ciemna Góra (Swilatia), and Port Imbris (Cookesland).

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