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Nation: Ariddia
Function: N/A
Population: unspecified
Leader: unspecified

On the south-western coast of the island of Ocea, Espérence is one of the most multicultural and multi-ethnic cities in Ariddia, along with Rêvane and Cité-Belle. It is notable for its museums, including the World Museum of Sculpture and Architecture and the Museum of Realism. The latter exhibits paintings in various realistic styles from around the world, including those of noted Ariddian artist Ukenio Minowa, and early works by Uhuh-Topian painter Bermbrandt van Reijn.

Espérence was also the first capital of colonial Ariddia, from 1684 to 1705. Today, Espérence is twinned with the city of Wasport in Ceorana, and with Clayquot in Kelssek.

Espérence International Airport (ESP) is serviced by several airlines, including (of course) Ariddian Airlines, and Air Kelssek.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">wmsaesprencefg1.jpg
The World Museum of Sculpture and Architecture, in Espérence


The following photographs of (part of) Espérence were taken from orbit by West Ariddian media satellites. They show the extent to which the forests of Ocea remain omnipresent, even in and around urban settings.

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