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Nation: West Ariddia
Function: capital
Population: unspecified
Leader: unspecified

Aqeyr, the capital of the Sovereign State of West Ariddia, is a sprawling city, undoubtedly the most "modern" in the Ariddian Isles. Its historic centre is, in part, dilapidated, but gleaming, modern high towers fill the outer areas, and the city has extensive suburbs.

Unlike cities in the less developed, communist PDSRA, Aqeyr lights up at night with advertisement neons. Most West Ariddian companies have their headquarters here.

Aqeyr's main tertiary education institutions are the University of Aqeyr and the prestigious (and expensive) Aqeyr Institute of Economics.

The city is serviced by the largest, most modern airport in the Ariddian Isles: Aqeyr-Slweoh International Airport (AQY).

Pro-communist West Ariddian pop singer Ping once described the city as "A glaring blot of harshest light / Hiding the poor who freeze at night", whereas advocates of the country's socio-economic system view the bustling Aqeyr as a testimony to the success of West Ariddian capitalism.

Aqeyr's most iconic building is probably Black Tower.


Aqeyr from above

The following photographs of the city were taken from orbit by West Ariddian media satellites.

Aqeyr by night

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