Lirella Keral

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Lirella Meraia Keral
Spoken Languages Riikan, English, Quenya
Birth Dan-Sansu-Liir, Meia 1066BDE
Species/Race Kajali
Titles Imperatrix, Her Eminence, Her Imperial Majesty
Preceded by Emperor Sorath Keran Dajal II
Reigning Era 0DE Onward
Marital Status Single
Portrayed By Unknown

Her Imperial Highness, Lady Lirella Meraia Keral, is the Kajali Imperatrix and Head of State of the Four Worlds of Kajal. She has not officially stated her support for any of the political parties of Kajal, but instead has stated that supports the entire democratic process. This remark has often been viewed as a cop out on her part, as her loyalties seem to lie jointly between the Democratic Kajal Party and the Unified Economic Initiative Party.

Imperatrix Keral became wildly popular after the death of the Emperor Dajal II through the implementation of the House of Representatives, sweeping tax breaks, and the introduction of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Despite her statements, however, income tax rates have remained in the 60 to 70% range, and she herself had the Four Worlds leave the United Nations after disagreement with the Systems of Tax resolution, though Lirella has regarded the UN historically as nothing more than "A group of Laediv trying to impose their rules upon the known universe."

Lirella has historically led diplomatic missions to Terran nations, and as a result Kajal currently enjoys warm relations with her allies in VERITAS, though it has been rumored that Lirella was herself placed in power by members of the alliance.

Prior to her governance of the Four Worlds, Lirella was made Duchess of Kajal Mars during the Separatist Years. After her inheritance of the Imperial Throne, due to her position as the last surviving member of the Imperial Dynasty of Kajal, she abolished the Imperium, establishing the democratic Four Worlds, of which Kajal Mars is a part.

flagsmall.gif Her Imperial Majesty's Federated Imperium of the Four Worlds and Territories of Kajal
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