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S Galac banknote: Obverse and Reverse.

The Galac is the basis of the currencies used in the Four Worlds of Kajal, Kajal Mars, and the dependency of Aelera. 200 Faro(₫) comprise one Galac(₪).

Coinage is issued in I(1), S(5), IO(10), XS(25), SO(50), I00(100) Faro, and I(1) Galac. Bills are issued in denominations of S(5), IO(10), XO(20), SO(50), and I00(100) Galacs.

Embedded within each bill is an incredibly small microchip, which is used to track where a bill is used for payment. Due to the integration of this chip (which is visible under high magnification as a small dot), bills are not themselves inscribed with serial numbers. As the government registers each bill during minting, any counterfeit bills will not register at all, and thusly be refused.

The process of creating and embedding the microchip imprints the materials with a slight subspace signature, which to date, has been impossible to fraudulently duplicate. In the event that a counterfeit is sophisticated enough to include a copy of an embedded microchip, the bill is flagged in the national database, and scanning equipment provided by the government is used to attempt to detect the subspace signature.

The three letter abbreviation of a Standard Galac is KG, replacing the old GAC abbreviation. Kajal Mars now uses the Kajal Mars Credit (KMC), though the currency is otherwise identical in denominations to the other variations of Galacs.

The symbol for the Galac is ₪. One Galac is worth 2.23 Universal Standard Dollars.

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