Repeal "Protect Historical Sites"

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#213: Repeal "Protect Historical Sites"

Category: Repeal
Proposed By: Jey
Repeals: Protect Historical Sites
Status: Passed
Adopted: 2007.06.24
Votes For: 8,060
Votes Against: 3,205

Resolution Text


UN Resolution #15: Protect Historical Sites (Category: Environmental; Industry Affected: All Businesses) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.


The General Assembly of the United Nations,

COMMENDING Resolution #15: "Protect Historical Sites," for its intent to safeguard historically significant locations within member nations;

HOWEVER NOTING that Resolution #15 wholly lacks any apparent methods for which to protect the historical sites referenced to within the resolution text, only saying "we cannot let historical sites go to waste;"

FURTHER NOTING that Resolution #15, at no point within the resolution text, defines what constitutes a "historical site" that is worthy of protection, thus leading to confusion and misunderstandings among member nations;

CONCLUDING that Resolution #15 is an insufficient and ineffectual resolution, given that it lacks any form of implementation of its admirable intent;

REPEALS Resolution #15: "Protect Historical Sites."

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