Tabeck FC

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Tabeck FC
LeagueLiga Starblaydia
ManagerJ.J. Stark
StadiumBekkside Stadium


Once a laughing stock of a club, only supported by mocking Streetians, the Bekkside city of Tabeck is home to Tabeck FC, an under-performing team in the Starblaydi Football League. 'TFC' tends to be the number-one choice for Dwarven and Military fans, because of the two Dwarven players, Khim Azanulbizarn and Hurin Menegroth, who have taken to the pitch in Tabeck colours over the years. The high number of foreign and domestic military personnel in the stands who live in the city, particulary Streetians who became second-hand fans of Tabeck FC after J.J. Stark was transferred to Vimesbairn United.


Winners, Liga Starblaydia Season 4
Winners - Tiberius Cup Season 2
Winners - Tiberius Cup Season 3
2nd Place, Liga Starblaydia Season 2
3rd Place, Liga Starblaydia Season 3

Famous Players


Tabeck FC play in Red shirts with Black shorts and socks.

Starting XI

  #  Pos     Name                 Nationality
  1  GK      Elwood Deangelo      Starblaydi
  2  R/CB    Danzir Garahildim    Starblaydi
  5  R/L/CB  Valentino Caltabiano Starblaydi
  6  CB      Mitch Swanteck       Starblaydi
  4  CM      Hurin Menegroth (c)  Starblaydi
  7  CM      Oleg Heydrich        Starblaydi
  3  LM      Marligis Reven       Starblaydi
 11  AM      Leopold Rotenberg    Starblaydi
  8  DM      Jamar Simic          Starblaydi
 10  CF/SC   Florencio Zaragoza   Starblaydi
  9  SC      Isiah Sodek          Starblaydi

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Tiberius Cup Winners
Season 2 & Season 3
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Iskara Daii
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Montepool Waves
Liga Starblaydia Champions
Season 4
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Iskara Daii