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Main Nation: Nanakaland

Hello. I'm known Nanakaland, but my real name is Michael and I'm from Balitmore County, Maryland, United States.

Nanakaland in NationStates

I've been playing NationStates on and off since March, 2003. Some try to look deep into how I came up with the name Nanakaland. I just couldn't find a cool name that wasn't taken (even back then), so I decided to come up with something random. My first few tries at random names were also taken, but Nanakaland actually worked, so I used it. The first two "ages" of Nanakaland mentioned in my nation's page ended in deletion due to inactivity (which was due to some RL problems) and the Second and Third Age of Nanakaland were sparked by resurrections (in fact, I was one of those who popularized the term "resurrection" for the rebirth of old nations).

Originally, I came up with about a dozen puppet nations adding on about a dozen more through out my first time at NationStates. Then, I quit due to RP reasons and RL reasons. I came back in November of 2003 with less puppet nations (half a dozen), with the number peaking at 20. Yes. I know. That's a lot. Due to some majorly bad events happening in real life, I quit NationStates again. I came back November 2004, with just 3 nations, including this (one being my main, one being UN puppet, one being the one that got the first two resurrected). After the first writing of this, I have aquired a few more puppet nations and got NBC, MSNBC, and Nanakan Labs resurrected. Upon rivision of this, I have gradually gained several more to end up with a dozen puppet nations. That number has changed a bit, sometimes going up, sometimes going down. I have been a bit inactive in NationStates and in NSwiki but I plan to start a new age of Nanakaland sometime before Christmas...

Keeping in Touch


I go on IRC often. In EsperNet (, I use the nick Nanakaland and frequent the following NationStates channels among others:


I go on IM slightly less often than IRC, but still frequenly. You can keep in touch with me via IM in four different ways (I am usually on all four accounts at once):

  • AIM: Nanakaland
  • MSN:
  • YAHOO: Nanakaland
  • ICQ: 300-448-319


The following are articles I have either created or contributed a great deal of. Articles with "†" at the end are pretty much complete and thus doubtful to be updated anytime soon. Articles in bold are outside of the category Nanakaland (with the exception of Nanakaland, which was put in there because it is my main article). Tech level and NSwiki:Current events were not made by me nor had a majority of contributions by me. However, I added several sections to the tech level article and made a slight change to the current events page that made it remain recent and up-to-date. In addition to this list, I created the article city, but that was greatly improved by someone other than me and thus I take no credit for it. Thanks go to Frisbeeteria because this section's design is based off of the contributions section on his user page.

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There are more contributions to the wiki I have made, but I do not count minor edits or talk pages on this list as well as changes I found too insignificant to put here.