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Welcome to the Frisbeeteria User page. Yeah, you can call me Fris, but I'd prefer you didn't call me Frisbee. Just funny that way, I reckon.


Personal and Contact information

  • I can be found on the NS IRC channels, most notably in #nswiki and #themodcave. My nick in those channels is usually: Frisbeeteria or Fris, but I'm not fanatical about watching it. Feel free to leave me a private message.
  • AIM nick is also Frisbeeteria
  • email me: frisbeeteria (at)
  • Location: North Carolina, USA
    Occupation: Network Admin for a major pharmaceutical firm

NationStates History

NSwiki History

I'm much more interested in the administrative details of keeping a place like this runnning smoothly than I ever will be in roleplaying in NationStates. Consequently, you'll see my sig on new InfoBoxes and Factbook Categories more often than you will on detailed histories or invented languages. Which is not to say I don't enjoy reading your contribs, because I do.

If you want some assistance formatting an article with wiki code; if you've got this wicked new idea for a way to recategorize articles; or if you just want your damn links to work right, then I'm your man. If you want to argue the merits of elves versus vampires or the tech specs of your new Main Battle Tank ... you should probably look elsewhere.

I want to see NSwiki become a storehouse of NationStates memories that rivals or exceeds the Forums. Forum stickies and Archives just don't cut it when you need to find out the secrets of panNorms or you want to find out why Hersfold's Olympic Games proposal got deleted - you need a searchable, linkable database that'll take you places you never even considered going.

That's what NSwiki can do, and I appreciate your letting me be a part of it. Let me know what I can do to make your NSwiki experience better. I mean it.

Sysop History

Sysophood granted by The Goobster, 16:24, 17 Oct 2004 (GMT)

As a NSwiki sysop, you'll often see my name in the History files of articles. I'm the one that sneaks in and adds an infobox or adds the page to a category. I also make a habit of creating factbooks for nations who have several sub-pages lying around with no clear owner. I don't claim credit for the bulk of those articles, even though my name may appear first on the History page. I've also created a number of starter pages for well-known languages, but am not responsible for adding NS content. Articles in bold are the ones I am proudest of.

Created Categories

Historic Nations - Factbooks - Corporations - Hardware - Languages ... and many, many factbooks.

Created Articles

NationStates Game

Approval - Compliance Ministry - Delegate † - Dossier - Endorsement - Flags - Issues - National statistics - National title - Proposals - Quorum - Regional Control - Regional password - Repeal - Resolution - Resurrect - Server update - Submit - Telegram - UN Category - United Nations † - World Factbook entry - XML feed
I did not create these articles, but am responsible for much of their content, and as such, like to take credit.

Gameplaying & Roleplaying

Abbreviations - Calculators - Character - Civil Headquarters - DEAT - Fantasy Tech - Flaming - Forum Terms - Forums - Future Tech - Game terms - Game timeGameplay - Godmode - Gross Domestic ProductHalls of Memory - IGNORE - Illegal actions - Invite RP - Modern Tech - Native - Past Tech - Puppet - Real world - Regional Control - Regional password - StorefrontsUN Multiing - UN puppet - War
I did not create these articles, but am responsible for much of their content, and as such, like to take credit.

United Nations

The (un)Official UN Timeline † - Anti-UN - Ballast Water - Ban of Death Penalty (failed) - Curb Illicit Arms Transfers (failed)End Nuclear Proliferation Act (failed)Epidemic Prevention ProtocolFight the Axis of Evil - Freedom From SPAM Act (removed)General Assembly - HIPPOS ARE BIGHIPPOS ARE REALLY QUITE LARGE (failed) - Internet Advertising Pop-ups (failed) - Knowledge of Own Country (removed)Olympic Games (removed)Passport Harmonisation - Proposal Categories - Proposal limits (removed) - Reduction of Needed Approvals (removed)Repeal - Repeal "Fight the Axis of Evil" - Resolution 245A Proper Grammar (removed) - Resolution Restrictions (removed) - Resolution Writing GuideRights and Duties of UN States - Search Function (removed) - Secretary General (removed) - Self-Support (failed) - Space Defense Initiative (failed) - TO PROTECT (failed) - The Bill of No Rights (failed) - The Cato Acts (failed) - The GenetiCorp Convention (failed) - The Law of the Sea - The Sexes Rights LawUN Forum Posting Suggestions - UN SecretariatUnited Nations † - United Nations Peace Prize (failed)Wolfish Convention on POW
Many of these UN posts were collected from the game and forums, and I am responsible for getting them loaded, doing quite a bit of formatting, and adding a few side notes. The ones in bold I feel justified in calling fully "mine".

Help pages

Main page layout † - Featured article candidates † - Featured articles - GenericInfoBox - Image use policyInfo boxes † - Mission statement - Naming conventionsNew nation instructions - Page editing † - Style guide - Template messages † - Account creation
I did not create all of these articles, but am responsible for adapting much of the content from Wikipedia (and related sources) to NSwiki, and as such, like to take credit.