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Flag of Nemya
Motto: Would you like a cookie?
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Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Tournetas
Official Language(s) English
Leader Formerly Iretta Jinx
Population Unknown
Currency Starblaydi Credit 
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The Holy Empire of Nemya was, in its original form, a nation in Atlantian Oceania in the north-eastern corner of Calania. Led by Prime Minister Thyme Navelna, Nemya was an important player in regional affairs until the death of Nevelna and his second in command Miss Talhea Rodish and the subsequent collapse of the entire government.

Though the spiritual needs of the nation were cared for by Her Holiness Iretta Jinx, former Leader of the top Legislative house of Nemya, law and order had completely broken down, and warlords began to take over.

As hundreds of thousands of Nemyans flooded into neighbouring Starblaydia, young Lord-Protector Tiberius Starblayde decided the time was right to bring law and order to Nemya under the banner of Starblaydi rule. Starblaydia's troops moved eastward and enveloped former Nemyan territory as well as the mountain province of Riegas.

Nemya now constitutes a collection of four provinces on the eastern mainland of Starblaydia.


Famous Nemyans

Nemyan Holidays

  • January 8th - Hug a Logger Day
  • March 12th -Decoration Day
  • July 14th - Founding Day
  • August 20th - Avoid going to school one more day Day!
  • October 13th-20th - Week of All Saints
  • November 28th - Reading Day

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