Nouvel Espoir

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Nouvel Espoir
Nation: North-West Ariddia
Function: capital city
Population: 4.74 billion
Leader: unspecified

Nouvel Espoir is one of the two capital cities of the Ariddian Isles' Federation, and is the capital of one of the Federation's two constituent states, North-West Ariddia. The latter is composed solely of the city and its closest suburbs; Nouvel Espoir's outlying suburbs are part of the People's Republic of West Ariddia. Border controls for West Ariddians living in the outer suburbs but working in the city have long since been simplified.

Nouvel Espoir is located near the northern coast of the island of Limea, but is not actually on the coast, which makes North-West Ariddia a landlocked nation entirely surrounded by its larger neighbour.

Nouvel Espoir has long been facing a severe overpopulation crisis. The city has expanded upwards, but also downwards, and many North-West Ariddians live underground.

Parks within the city are considered national treasures, and cherished by the city's inhabitants. Despite its population, Nouvel Espoir is by no means polluted, thanks to strict environmental policies.

North-West Ariddia has its own airport, Nouvel Espoir International (NVE), outside the city proper.

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