Rodger River

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Rodger River
Nation: Errinundera
Province: Rodger
Sacred Tree: OALUSH'N
Function: corporate torching
Population: vegetarian
Leader: reeada

Rodger River is a major city built on the confluence of the Rodger and Snowy Rivers. It is the only large city in the Rodger region and second only to McKillops Bridge in the great Snowy River valley.


Flowing through cool temperate rainforest the peaceful Rodger River descends a short distance from its headwaters at Big Tree Camp and Monkeytop to the micro-rainshadow township of Waratah Flat. From there it wanders for hundreds of kilometres with nary a person nor building in sight. Here the potoroos can frolic freely in lush forests.

The Rodger is swollen by the waters of the Yalmy River and Mountain Creek and numerous other tributaries before it too is subsumed - into the mighty Snowy River.


Just upstream from the confluence of the Rodger and the Snowy is the largest city of central western Errinundera, namely (low and behold) - Rodger River.

The Birth of Vegetarianism and Corporate Torching

In the nineteenth century this region of Errinundera had been used for raising cattle. Under the puritanical government that gained power after the 1905 revolution, the industry was expanded and dominated by powerbrokers within the regime without regard for the environment or the wishes of the Rodgerers. Consequently the Rodgerers led the nation in adopting vegetarianism, partly as an act of defiance and partly under the influence of Oo philosophy. The first instance of Corporate Torching after the 1941 liberation occured when angry Rodgerers burnt the headquarters and slaughteryards of Bovial Butchers Ltd to the ground. This had been prompted by the company, still controlled by puritans, trying to sue the Animal Protection Enterprise for defamation.

Vegetarianism travelled up the Snowy River, via Jackson Crossing, to the influential northern city of McKillops Bridge. Soon all Errinundera had adopted vegetarianism and corporate torching with enthusiasm.


  • Rodger River to the east of its namesake city. The railway bridge is on the incomplete Yalmy line.

Sacred Tree

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">OVAFELLATE2.jpg
Mayor reeada stands beside Rodger River's new sacred tree OALUSH’N.

With the demise of the much loved sacred tree MONDA (see A GIANT FALLS), the city quickly found a replacement (pictured right). The naming of the new tree became a scandal throughout Errinundera and well illustrates the preocupations and prejudices of Errinundrians.

A survey of Rodgerers indicated that the majority wanted the new tree named after the legendary Rodger River footballer and sixteen times mayor, longipesp. Had the name been chosen this would have created an anomalous situation under Errinundera's capital letter conventions. Capitals are used for the entire names of Sacred trees and no capitals are used in the names of humans. This reflects the Errinundrian belief in the insignificance of humans compared with the great trees of the rainforests. To put a footballer, no matter how legendary, on the same level as a sacred tree is nothing short of hubris.

The Sacred Tree Registry promptly rejected the application. The decision was appealled to the national parliament in First Creek Falls where the Rodgerers were rebuffed in what was seen as a highly partisan decision. All mayors from outside the Rodger region voted in favour of the Registry's position, demonstrating the typical rivalry that exists between the various cities and regions.

For a time it seemed that the Rodgerers would follow the Fanny Moo tradition by giving the tree a profane name, OVAFELLATE (ie, "go suck eggs"). After an intemperate outburst by the mayor, reeada, at the funeral of the modern Rodger River football star, ubhashinim, a way was sought to end the controversy with dignity.

Tha nation of Ariddia had generously named their new football stadium ubhashinim Ahwa'u Stadium after the recently deceased player. In response the president of the Errinundera Football Association, uashe, suggested to his counterpart, Anna Teals, from the Ariddian Football Association that the Rodger River tree be named after an appropriate Ariddian tree. Ms Teals suggested OALUSH'N which was swiftly chosen by Rodgerers as the name for the tree. A considerable number of faces were saved.

OALUSH'N is the indigenous Ariddian Wymgani name for a species of tree which is considered by some Wymgani communities as a symbol of wisdom, and a gathering place for important community decisions and ceremonies. It is most apt for an Errinundrian sacred tree and, in particular, the resolution of the problems besetting the Rodgerers in this instance.

Prominent Citizens

  • longipesp, aka potoroo, football star and mayor of the city for sixteen terms.
  • ubhashinim, the goddess, football star killed by a falling tree in a freak accident.

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