The Heartland

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The Heartland
Forum: The Heartland
Population: 103 nations
Delegate: Vassfforcia
Founder: Ineptia
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

The Heartland is a large, peaceful and prosperous region known for its initatives towards peace, stability and prosperity. It is also one of the first regions on NationStates to adopt a regional map and a regional discussion board.

Founded by Ineptia in December 2002, the other original founding members of the region were Lost Vegas and Gun Totin Rednecks. Currently, there is free entry into the region, as the threats of invasion by region crashers have diminshed because of the implementation of regional controls.

The Heartland is named and founded on the core ideals of the American Heartland. And although many members have different interpretations on the meaning of the name and the ideal, the Heartland is a tightly-knit community that is interested in mutual collaboration, nation-building and intra-regional peace. The region is currently home to 103 diverse nations.

The Heartland regrets that the player behind Merinov has passed away in real life and give our deepest condolences to his family.


Several months after the founding of the region, Aerigia, an ally of Ineptia and Lost Vegas, was invited to join the Heartland as the New Age Alliance faltered. Already then at the dawn of Nationstates history, the Heartland was gaining recognition through participations in international affairs by Ineptia and Lost Vegas. On its entrance, Aerigia founded the Heartland discussion board, first on EZBoards, then onto InvisionFree. This was seen as a better way of roleplaying intraregional events as well as communications. Many other regions also started boards for similar purposes.

As the region continued to grow, other influential members joined. Grays Harbor, upon joining the Heartland, started the world renowed GH design bureau, now producing stamps, currency, army ranks and other nation building materials for nations in the Heartland as well as in other regions. And hence, nation-building embarked on its new age, as the Heartland Information Exchange, a forum on the Heartland discussion board focusing on nation building threads, became heavily used.

With exchanges flourishing and nations gaining more momentum through frequent nation-building exercises. The Heartland region remained in great harmony as it entered into its golden age. Heartland nations entered into international events, becoming major players in the NationStates world. For instance, the sinking of Ineptian transport ships off the coast of Amerigo brought Aerigia, Lost Vegas into the Slaver War.

Following the Slaver War, wary of the forces of The Reich, Lost Vegas, Aerigia strengthened the traditional alliance with Lavenrunz, Der Angst and other nations of SATO as the organization was founded by Joanna von Sachshausen. Ineptia however, remained strictly neutral.

Numerous confrontations with The Reich, from that point on, often involved troop commitments from Aerigia and/or Lost Vegas.

The Farker Invasion of The Heartland was arguably, one of the first "largescale" region crashing invasions in the history of NationStates. It was said that the Farkers, invaded the Heartland to prove a point. In that aspect, they have succeeded by taking control of the delegacy in the Heartland. Furthermore, some informants were able to penetrate the discussion board network, causing, at times, complete lockdowns. Accusations of griefing by the invaders has occured, including the flooding of the Nationstates regional bulletin board. This is, of course, disputed by the invaders.

However, this brought on the implementation of Regional Controls, which caused a large shift in the regional dynamics of Nationstates. Soon after, the Farkers have left the region, leaving 1 Infinite Loop, who promised to use his Heartland puppet only as a common nation. Nevertheless, the Heartland, after the Farker invasion, relapsed into isolation.


The Heartland region is composed of fifteen seperate continents varying in size across eleven different time zones (it should be noted that these time zones are currently deemed 'unofficial' within some nations of The Heartland). At the heart of the region is the Pax Island Protectorate continent which is surrounded by the remaining fourteen continents which are divided into four seperate districts.

Northwest District

The northwest district comprises the continents of:

Northeast District

The northeast district comprises the continents of:

Southwest District

The southwest district comprises the continents of:

Southeast District

The southeast district comprises the continents of:


Most Heartland nations are signatories of the Truman doctrine, named after the President of Lost Vegas, Truman Churchill. This was not originally the case however, before the Farker invasions and other regional dynamic disputes. At the present, the Heartland is focused on intra-regional peace. Although wars and conflicts is still allowed in some cases, they have decreased recently . Most recent conflict has been Cold War like standoffs between regional blocs of power.

The Heartland High Council (HHC), formerly known as the HSC, comprises of the 3 permenent members of Ineptia, Aerigia and Grays Harbor, as well as 4 rotating elected members. The headquarters are based on Pax Island and the council is responsible for regional perimeter defense, as well as other regional defensive functions.

Nations within the region have also formed alliances, such as the Partnership for Peace and Prosperity co-founded by Aerigia, Grays Harbor, Liverpool England and Clearwater to uphold the virtues of the Truman Doctrine, which has been rejected by The Cokekilan Alliance.


As a member of The Triumvirate, The Heartland is allied with the regions of Texas and Wysteria and exchange programs are in place to facilitate the exchange of cultural and economic ties.

Regional Listing of International Airports

The nations of The Heartland have spent a great deal of money and time into establishing a world class airport system. A regional listing has been posted here of The Heartland Airports.

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