Arcadia (city)

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Arcadia (city)
Nation: Uhuh-Topia
Function: Capital
Population: 540 million
Leader: Emperor James II

Arcadia is the capital of the Empire of Uhuh-Topia. It's located in the exact center of the former Ropa-Topian Empire.

Flag ropa-topia tiny.png The Allied States of Ropa-Topia
Flag uhuh-topia tiny.png Uhuh-Topia (Arcadia); Flag uhuh-ropa tiny.png Uhuh-Ropa (Ropadam)
Monarchs: Emperor James II; King Seth I
Currencies: Topian Guilder; Uhuh-Ro
Major cities: Arcadia; Ropadam; Isle of Uhm
Sports: Athletes; Football
Miscellaneous: History; Space agency; TLDs: .ur, .ut, .rta
See also: Uhuhland; San Adriano; Gnatanamo; Category:Ropa-Topia