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TLD type National
Status Active
Sponsoring organization RT Internet Uhuh-Topia B.V.
Intended use Uhuh-Topian websites
Actual use Same
Registration restrictions Second level domains have to be 5 letters or more, and are only available to citizens of Uhuh-Topia or international non-profit organizations. Third level domains are available to anyone
Structure Subdivided by second level domains, but second level domains can be registered as well
Website www.rti.com.ut/portal/info

.ut is the Internet TLD for Uhuh-Topia. Uhuh-Topian citizens and organizations (and international non-profit organizations) can register domains at the second level, but there are some restrictions: the minimum length of a domain is 5 letters (to avoid confusion with the second level domains) and for some types (i.e. adult content) of websites a third level domain is required.

Second level domains

Domain Intended use Comments
.reg.ut / .gov.ut Government
.com.ut Commercial Usually cheaper than a second level .ut domain
.org.ut Non-profit organizations
.edu.ut Educational Free, but only available for schools and universities
.xxx.ut Adult content Any website with adult content is required to use this second level domain
.gnt.ut Gnatanamo residents This is an alias for .gnt.ari


  • .reg.ut and .gov.ut are aliases, although for most government sites .reg.ut is used for the Dutch version, and .gov.ut for the English version (this is not a requirement).

Flag ropa-topia tiny.png The Allied States of Ropa-Topia
Flag uhuh-topia tiny.png Uhuh-Topia (Arcadia); Flag uhuh-ropa tiny.png Uhuh-Ropa (Ropadam)
Monarchs: Emperor James II; King Seth I
Currencies: Topian Guilder; Uhuh-Ro
Major cities: Arcadia; Ropadam; Isle of Uhm
Sports: Athletes; Football
Miscellaneous: History; Space agency; TLDs: .ur, .ut, .rta
See also: Uhuhland; San Adriano; Gnatanamo; Category:Ropa-Topia

Top Level Domains
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