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A destroyer is a warship in many real world and roleplaying navies, and some RP space forces. They began their RL lives as “motor-torpedo boat destroyers,” increasing in size and firepower. In RL, only four navies -- those of the United States, Russia, Peru (only one ship, the Almirate Grau) and the Ukraine -- have surface combatants larger than a destroyer, (not including respective aircraft carriers however).

In NS, their role as warships is generally much diminished, sometimes becoming the smallest major surface combatant. It can be said that they have returned to their original role of general purpose escort warships, as the increasing sophistication and firepower of NS warfare has resulted in the necessity of large escort as well as capital ship forces. Many NS destroyers, despite their escort status, rival RL Battleships in size and firepower.

List of known NS destroyers:

Maritime Navy
Spaceborne Navy