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The Grand Dominion of Bedistan has used seven flags in its near-hundred-year history.



Bedistan's original flag created shortly after independence in 2003 had a 3:5 ratio (along with all flags since then) and was divided into two large triangles. The upper left triangle was green and the lower right triangle was blue. In the center of the flag was the bright green sixteen-toothed gear that has always acted as the national symbol, with a big black letter B (for Bedistan) superimposed on it. At the left edge of the flag were thirteen white stars, representing the thirteen states of Bedistan.



When West Jativa became a state in 2016, a fourteenth star was added to the flag and the stars were all moved to the canton and arranged in four horizontal rows, alternating between four and three stars on each row.



In January 2018, to celebrate Bedistani colonization of the planet Nótereth, the national flag was changed drastically, with only the green gear with the letter B remaining the same. The whole background became black with two larger stars, a green one on the left representing Earth and a blue one on the right representing Nótereth. This flag was immensely unpopular among the people, which is why it lasted for only two months.



The new flag retained the center symbol and two larger stars, though both stars now became white. The background was again divided in half, but now vertically through the middle. The blue portion was moved to the left side, and the right side was colored silver. The fourteen smaller stars in the canton reappeared, again representing the fourteen states.



In 2028, the nation of Sokojiwa ceased to exist, and Bedistan expanded to cover the western third of the former nation, creating four new states. As such, the fourteen stars in the canton became eighteen and were rearranged into three rows of six.



In 2048, Bedistan took temporary control of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, creating 59 new states. Therefore, the eighteen stars in the canton became 77. The two larger stars were removed from the flag, as was the letter B in the center symbol. The entire background returned to the same green color used on the original flag, except for the canton, which retained the original blue color.

Since 2054


After letting go of its South American possessions, Bedistan's flag was due for another remake. This time, the government chose to simplify it. The center symbol was enlarged significantly and placed over a tricolor green-blue-green background. This has recently become the flag in use for the longest period of time in Bedistan.

Bedistan flag tiny.png The Grand Dominion of Bedistan Bedistan flag tiny.png
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