Oliver Sloas

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Oliver Sloas
President of Bedistan
August 9, 1987
September 16, 2064
December 2030 through December 2034

Oliver Sloas was the eighth president of Bedistan, who served two two-year terms from 2030 through 2034. Sloas is primarily known for his massive economic reforms that transformed Bedistan into the economic juggernaut it is today.


At the beginning of the Sloas administration, Bedistani income tax rates were exorbitant, averaging well over ninety percent of the average citizen's annual income. Sloas instituted massive tax reforms, including the famed Sloas Income Tax Reform Act of 2033, which resulted in overall tax rates falling into the mid-seventies. While taxes soon rose again, they did not reach their previous heights, and Sloas' measures led the way for future presidents to use income tax reductions as a way to boost the nation's economy.

Preceded by:
Ted Familia
President of Bedistan
Followed by:
Esther Marchese

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