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Washington, Sonoma, Bedistan
Province Sonoma
 - Metropolitan (2086 est.)

Time zone AOTC

Washington is a city in south central Mainland Bedistan, founded by Bedistan's colonial rulers in 1973. It is located in the far southwest corner of Sonoma province right next to the Krytenian border (map).

Washington's location was a major influence during negotiations of a revised Bedistani-Krytenian border in the mid-2070s. Bedistan ceded enough land to accommodate the Outer Cities, which were effectively Krytenian, though they were not at the time within the borders of the nation. The border curves sharply westward to keep most of the Washington metropolitan area within Bedistan. Needless to say, there is a very strong Krytenian influence in the area.


Washington is a very unique city in that it has professional sports teams playing in the leagues of multiple nations. The Washington Tigers football club plays in the Bedistan Football League and competes for the Bedistani Cup. Meanwhile, the Washington Exiles are founding members of the KFA Underleague One and compete for the KFA Cup.

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