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Dennis, Paruvia, Bedistan
Province Paruvia
 - Metropolitan (2083 est.)

Time zone AOTC

Dennis is the capital of Paruvia province in Bedistan and one of the nation's forty largest cities. It is located in the southeast part of Bedistan's main landmass (map).


Dennis was founded by Bedistan's colonial rulers in 1966. For most of its existence, it has remained a moderately-sized city, though by current standards that refers to any city below about 25 million population. It has been mostly overshadowed by the nearby national capital, Columbia. When the original state of Columbia was split into the Federal District and Paruvia, Dennis became the capital of the new state.

James Parker National Stadium, Bedistan's second national stadium, was located in Dennis. It served the Bedistan national football team for many years until it was finally destroyed by rioters during World Cup 16 qualifying after a loss to Aquilla.


Dennis has one professional football team competing in the Bedistan Premier League: the Dennis Bears.

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