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Founding and First Parliament

Aberdeen was founded on the 6th May 2005 by the nation of Dundee East. Quickly he recruited several nations to join and Aberdeen passed the 10 nation mark by the 9th of May. Once Dundee East felt that the region had enough nations, an election for the position of UN Delegate was called. In the vote, which ended on 16th May, The European Nation (TEN) won with 8 votes against Bearelon (1 vote) and Corvus Corax8 (no votes).

The first constitution, written by Dundee East and TEN, was passed with 11 to 1 votes on 20th May. The constitution specified 5 "Secretaries" which the Delegate (now known as Prime Minister) could appoint. These were The Secretary of State, The Secretary of Defence, The Secretary of Interior, The Secretary of Justice and The Secretary of Economy and Treasury. TEN's first government was:

Secretary of State- Blackrock64

Secretary of Defence- Disraeliland

Secretary of Interior- Capitalist Neutrality

Secretary of Justice- Bearelon

Secretary of Economy and Treasury- Mittsville

The Darktime and Invasion

The first parliament was intended to serve a 6 month term. However during the summer of 2005, most of the government was inactive, and the working of the region slowed to a halt. Bearelon resigned from his ministerial post, but no replacement was appointed. During this time (July/August 2005) the population of Aberdeen dropped to below 20 nations, as most of the government including the Founder Dundee East and UN Delegate The European Nation.

It was at this time that Aberdeen suffered its first hostile takeover of power. With no founder or delegate, the foreign nation of "Ynamerg Ressel" managed to get enough endorsements to become delegate. However, within 3 days the nation of Dundee East was revived and ejected the invading delegate.

This period of Aberdeen history was later called the "darktime". This is because most of the first generation of nations ceased to exist over the summer, making way for a new generation of nations. Because of this, details from this period of Aberdeen history are sketchy.

Second Parliament

Dundee east officially recalled the first parliament of TEN of 11th August 2005. An unofficial interim parliament was set up until an election could take place. It was headed by Capitalist Neutrality, a long time member of the region, and ministry posts were continued from the first parliament.

The election started on 20th August and was contested between three nations, Forgottenlands UN, Blackrock64 and Metroplia. The election took the form of endorsing the nations in the UN, rather than voting in the forum. After 4 days of voting, Forgottenlands UN emerged as the winner with 4 votes to Blackrock64's 3 and Metroplia with 1 vote.

Forgottenlord appointed his first parliament:

Secretary of State-Imperfectia

Secretary of Defence-Disraeliland

Secretary of Interior-Capitalist Neutrality

Secretary of Justice-Vacant

Secretary of Economy and Treasury-Mittsville

The New Constitution

See also: Constitution of Aberdeen.


As soon as the changes in the Aberdeen Constitution were approved, Forgottenlands and Dundee East decided that they should go into effect immediately. Action had to be taken to keep Aberdeen from shrinking even smaller. The new cabinet called for in the revisions of the constitution included only four nations (besides the Prime Minister), a Minister for Immigration, Interior, Foreign Affairs and AMID. Forgottenlands was quick to request intersted nation to apply as soon as possible.

After a few weeks of accepting applications, the new cabinet was announced around December 15, 2005. THe new government included:

Sumada - Minister of Internal Affairs & the Regional Court

Imperfectia - Minister of Immigration

Alamedia - Minister of Foreign Relations

Capitalist Neutrality - Minister of Information & Defense

The new cabinet, with the approval of Forgottenlands, went to work right away. Sumada finally brought about a structure for a regional court - something that had been discussed since the founding of the region, but which no previous Minister had acomplished. Imperfectia went to work right away and set a goal of bringing Aberdeen's nation count up to 50 by the end of December. Within 3 days, the population of Aberdeen had risen from 36 nations to over 50. By the end of January, Aberdeen had well over 100 nations. Many of the new nations became involved and a revival of the Aberdeen regional forum followed.

The Army Size Cap Law and Zerg Army Scandal

In late December 2005, Imperfectia, the Minister of Immigration, commented on how many of the newer active nations possessed some of the larger militaries. While this raised little attention, a new nation, Bloopa took the problem to heart. Reading through the rules regarding passing legislation, he drafted and submitted the Amry Size Cap Law, the first bill since the darktime, 6th bill since the region was founded.

While opinions on the matter were mixed, forgottenlord was the least concerned about army sizes and the most annoyed by the new legislation. Holding an army of about 100 million in Angel Fire, he felt the Bill to be pointless. The Bill proceeded to vote regardless and won in an 8-6 vote - the largest and closest vote to date. Still fuming, forgottenlord immediately started pulling a number of his UN tricks for abusing loopholes. First he requested a Joint Army Treaty, stating that Angel Fire had traditionally protected all three of his nations as the reason for the treaty. The region granted it with a significant majority. He then moved 45 million of his troops into an internal security unit - bringing his total troop count down to within the limits accepted by the traty. However, this wasn't satisfactory as these troops still could not leave the Forgotten Territories. Thus, the military leaders of Angel Fire released their new toys - the Zerg. Arguing the Zerg were not sentient, therefore not citizens, therefore not soldiers and therefore should not be included in the cap. Bloopa, however, took issue with it, and lay charges against the Forgotten Territories as a whole in the regional court. While many within the Forgotten Territories were frustrated at being labelled with the same brush, forgottenlord didn't bother with trying to seperate the individual nations in his defense. After several exchanges between the two, Coretta interjected, siding with the Forgotten Territories.

Sumada, the Minister of Internal Affairs and, therefore, chief justice of the regional court, felt he could not provide the time to give the case a fair hearing. He handed it to Coretta, one of his Probation Officers. Bloopa, concerned about bias, requested that it be a three-member panel that ruled on the case. All 3 probation officers (Alamedia, Khaoz and Coretta) were now on the case. After a short debate, all three ruled in favor of the Forgotten Territories, feeling that the Army Size Cap Law could only apply to citizens within the army.

However, frustration and concern about the Zerg project increased. This lead to a few Angel Fire military maneuvers being railroaded by the cabinet and some research projects were started on captured wild Zerg.

The Death Penalty Amendment

As the region regrew, nations with philosophies that would've been totally foreign to the First Aberdeen Parliment appeared in her territory. Amongst them was Coretta, a nation that believed in the Death Penalty, had used it, and continued to use it. This violated article 2.2 of the Aberdeen Constitution and Imperfectia, Mittsville and Just Minds each took issue with it immediately. The leaders of Dundee East and Forgottenlands (the President and Prime Minister of Aberdeen) met quickly to discuss how to deal with this issue. Instead of expelling the new nation for breaching the Constitution, it was decided to put the matter to open debate - they both realized that the nature of the region had changed, and this needed to be considered.

With a considerable majority feeling that the constitution should probably leave out the death penalty ban, it was sent to the House of Members to draft up a bill to create a constitutional amendment. Bill 7: The Death Penalty Act was written by Imperfectia, denouncing the death penalty but permitting its use. To pass, the amendment need a 2/3 majority vote. With minimal debate, it went to vote and garnered only 60% of the vote, thus failing to pass.

Corettan Embassy Slaughter

As the debate over the death penalty continued, Bloopa arrived in Aberdeen. He wasted no time in weighing into the death penalty debate. His citizens eventually started nearly daily protests around the Corettan embassy. One day, these protests turned sour. A bunch of citizens, armed with Molotov cocktails and flinging rocks at the embassy and her residents alike. Corettan response was lethal weaponry. Bloopan forces launched a helicopter armed with pepper spray to the embassy to try and stop the riots while Corettan forces launched a squadron of helicopters to try and extract those within the embassy. Fearful of what might happen, Bloopan officials ordered the Corettan helicopters away from the border. Coretta couldn't believe it. Instead of turning around, they proceeded onward.

The Corettan helicopters were shot down. But this was not enough for Bloopa. Afraid that war had been declared and fearful of the military might of Coretta, they ordered their forces across their shared border.

Coretta, however, laid charges on Bloopa for the attack on the helicopters, bring the incident to forgottenlord's personal attention. The Prime Minister called an emergency session with his cabinet, and ordered the two nations to immediately halt aggressions. He further reprimanded both nations and gave his personal analysis of the situation for the regional court. The regional court found Bloopa not guilty for attacking the helicopters as they were within Bloopan space. The regional court didn't proceed to discuss any of forgottenlord's recommendations The acting Corettan Prime Minister had ordered his forces to remain within Corettan territory but remain on the defensive and vetoed a vote in his parliment to declare war. The Bloopan Prime Minister objected to the order, fearful that Corettan forces might overrun him. After receiving clearance to create a demilitarized zone and to deploy troops from Angel Fire into it, forgottenlord reminded the Bloopan Prime Minister that Angel Fire had a full 100 million troops to deploy at moments notice. Bloopa conceded and withdrew.

Nearby Eramia, Protectorate of Mittsville was chosen to host the peace talks. Jonathon Nobel of Imperfectia was chosen to lead the talks. Amongst those attending was the Governer of Eramia, Prime Minister Rucke and Ambassador Richard Wesley of Bloopa, Prime Minister TJ Ross of Dancing Bananland, Deputy Foreign Minister Victor Bhattacharji and Ambassador Justin Monroe of Coretta, and (to everyone's horror) Tristan Angel, the Angel Fire from the nation Angel Fire.

Nobel and Angel Fire dominated the talks, the latter intimidating every person sitting at the talks, the former trying to find some level of calm in the room - contending with the Angel Fire's ability to alienate and threaten everyone simultaneously, her despise of everything Bloopan (this was around the same time that Bloopa filed formal charges against her nation for its Zerg program), and the annoyed Corettans who (rightly) felt to be the victims of Bloopan attacks and wanted compensation for it without a need for concessions. Everything from an investigation into the Embassy slaughter, to reparations, to the continuation of the demilitarized zone and the nations responsible for her enforcement was on the table. They still continue.

Simultaneously, Bloopa submitted a bill that addressed Embassy security - specifically the Corettan choice to use lethal force as a first measure against the rioters. After nearly a week, it became the first bill in Aberdeen history to have its debate extended. About halfway through the next full week, Coretta launched 9 questions at Bloopa and then proceeded to declare a filibuster. Mittsville seconded the filibuster allowing for another week of debate to be added. In the end, the bill was defeated.

Dancing Bananaland Terrorist Attack

As the first meeting of the Eramian Summit ended, a decently large group of terrorists took control of a port in the Dancing Bananland city of Point Shmendrick. After holding it for 48 hours, the Terrorists retreated, along with over 200 hostages and 25 kilograms of a very powerful nerve gas. Angel Fire tried to capture the terrorist ship, but a sudden change in course threw off their ability to intercept the ship. It landed in an unclaimed area of Aberdeen.

Dancing Bananland and Angel Fire both tried to secure the ship, but the two ended up being unable to do anything with it as they ended up sieging one another instead. However, they were both able to discover that the vessel had launched a life raft which had landed near Nouvelle Helena. Through some extensive espionage, both forces, along with forces from Nouvelle Helena and Khaoz determined the exact location of both sets of terrorists.

For Angel Fire, an additional piece to the puzzle had been added. Reports indicated the forces were Servants of Nolak and may even have been members of the Kane clan. Tristan Angel, Prime Minister of the nation and wife to Kane Angel, the founder and leader of the Kane clan, took it upon herself to ensure that her long-lost husband could be spared. With forces from Nouvelle Helena, Dancing Bananland and even her own nation moving in on his position, she grabbed a group of Night Sisters and lead in a strike into the terrorist camp. A simultaneous strike from another group of Night Sisters on the other terrorist position freed what few hostages remained, while Dancing Bananland was able to capture a handful of hostages - all of which had committed suicide before they could be made to talk. By the time the dust settled, both groups had been annihilated and Kane Angel had been captured - along with his children - by his wife. He accepted Forgottenlord's deal of amnesty in exchange for loyalty and became a full Angel Fire citzen that night.

Not all was accomplished. Only 5 of the 25 kilograms of nerve gas had been recovered. As Kane began to spill information on the plans his forces had, the Forgotten Territories took the lead in a region-wide hunt for the missing nerve gas. Over the course of the following months, all the nerve gas was recovered without major incident, and the information about the risk it presented was withheld from the public's eye.

Third Parliament

The Third Prime Minister's elections appeared only noticable because none of the major faces within Aberdeen were interested in stepping up to run against Forgottenlord. However, a relative newcomer, TJ Ross of Dancing Bananland decided to cast his name into the hat - not in expectation of winning, but in expectation of a fun campaign.

Ross took a hit for the recent Terrorist attacks while Forgottenlord found himself struggling in the discussions surrounding the Army Size Cap Law. After Forgottenlord released an extensive platform, Ross just indicated he would do what was needed and refused to submit an actual platform. As the vote came up, both found fairly similar answers to a quick round of questions by some of the longer standing members.

In a shock to many, Ross pushed ahead early, but as day 4 came, Forgottenlord gained a significant lead. In the next few days, Ross closed the gap on Forgottenlord, which lead to a tense finish. However, Forgottenlord got just enough votes to hold onto the Prime Minister's seat. The final result was Forgottenlord 7, Dancing BananLand 6.

Jonathon Noble Assassination

With the seperate meetings between Bloopa and Coretta and the one between Eramia and Angel Fire over, and with Tristan Angel and TJ Ross no longer tied up by the Terrorist strikes, the Eramian Summit was able to continue with it's second general meeting. However, the meeting went horribly askew when Jonathon Noble of Imperfectia vomited and collapsed at the meeting. He never woke up again. It was fairly easy to determine he'd been poisoned and so a full scale investigation began.

The delegations of Angel Fire, Dancing Bananland, Coretta and Bloopa were held in jail by the Eramian government as they were questioned about the events that lead to the speaker's death. The Eramian media were quick to accuse Tristan Angel of Angel Fire, laying the timbers for a later blaze. As the fourth day began, events began unravelling quickly.

Forgottenlands UN, by order of the Forgotten Territories, contacted Mittsville to have pressure placed upon Eramia into releasing the delegations. Eramia decided to circumvent Mittsville and deal with Forgottenlands UN directly, rejecting the request and counteroffering with stating that all parties could leave after 10 days of captivity. Protests started in Dancing Bananland and all three nations in the Forgotten Territories as the news of the continued captivity spread. After several exchanges and Angel Fire having practically been shut down on the 5th day, little progress had been made.

Mid-way through the 5th day, the Imperfectian Embassy contacted Eramia also requesting the release of the prisoners. Having been the nation to whom the dead speaker belonged, Eramia complied.

Hekloslogravian Civil War

Main article(s): Hekloslogravian Civil War

In 457KY, Field Marshal Bernard Kane led a revolt against Kief Edward I of Hekloslogravia. Kane quickly alienated the international community by having Edward I assassinated, and calling for the assassination of Forgottenlord. In response, the nations of Angel Fire, PGrier, Dancing Bananaland and Mittsville responded by sending their forces in. Angel Fire refused to take a side while the other three nations sided with those who remained loyal to the former government. Before any of them have a chance to lay any force capable of having any effect, Kane, his Second-in-Command, and Kief Robert, the son of Edward I, all lay dead.

Successors to both sides of the rebellion attempted to bring order to the nation resulting in a shrinking of the rebel forces, but not the actual dispersal. Instead, the violence increased, with several towns supportive of the government being razed to the ground while their citizens slept. When forces from other nations began landing, their leaders were greeted with coordinated attacks against them.

While many speculate that there must have been a third leader of the rebels that was trying to continue the war, his presence diminished considerably. After the strikes against the towns and the coordinated attacks against the various military leaders that opposed the rebels, there is little question that someone still was able to organize these attacks. However, after they occurred, the rebels began to falter and there was little in terms of further evidence of organization within the rebellion. Robert's brother, Edward II, ascended to the throne, and with the aid of the other nations the revolution was quashed. Ironically, the young Kief was overthrown and murdered several weeks later by his own Prime Minister, Thomas Sawyer.

Jake Clawston would become the first President of Hekloslogravia, defeating Sawyer in an election. About half a year after the uprising, Jake Clawston had the staff of the Misttvillian Embassy in Lundburg massacred, and took the staff of the Dancing Bananland Embassy prisoner. As the Aberdeen International community began protesting the move, Clawston found himself arrested and his authority overthrown.

Kief James II was placed on the throne. Yet his rule would be short lived. Just weeks later, during his coronation, this Kief was overthrown by supporters of the Republic, aided by Nolak forces. TJ Ross,Tristan and Kane Angel found themselves caught in the middle of this battle along with several others from their respective nations. Concerned about the Nolak presence, the group opted to fight their way out of the nation instead of surrendering to the Republic forces.

Nikki Ronalk's hunt

As the Nolak forces where routed out of Northern Aberdeen, Dancing Bananalandian Special Operations sat besieged in the abandoned and sinking Nolak boat that previously carried the terrorists to shore. After a miscommunication with arriving Angel Fire naval forces the operatives, ten in all (including Dirk Pheonix) sat waiting to either find a way to communicate, or escape. After a week of minimal rations the operatives became delirious and incapable of fighting, it was then that Nikki Ronalk discreetly boarded the craft. A Nolak operative, she had been put into a rage by the destruction of Nolak forces in Aberdeen and the possible death of her husband, and had decided she would take her revenge, starting with the Dancing Bananalandian SpecOps. She slaughtered the whole team, and threw a wounded Dirk Pheonix out of the craft, then made her way back to the mainland and to Dancing Bananaland.

Fortunately, Pheonix was rescued by Angel Fire forces, and after imprisonment was tasked with warning the Dancing Bananalandian government about her plans. Regardless, Ronalk cut a bloody swath across the nation, shooting several officers at the landing docks, burning down a police station, killing the patrons of a roadside diner and torturing two highway cops. Although brutal, these killings would lead to her downfall. John Friedman, a fire-fighter, lost a brother to Nikki Ronalk's raid on the olice station. His mind fracturing form the grief, he began to drive to Ross City to see his mother, not knowing this would lead him ultimately into hot pursuit of his brother's killer. However, upon confronting Ronalk in front of the aforementioned diner, Friedman would be wounded. After recovering at remarkable speed, Funky G, the enigmatic Dancing Bananalandian master of spies, would recruit him to hunt down Nikki Ronalk. Days later Ronalk arrived in Ross City only to find the neighbourhood around the main highway under lockdown, and teams of police and Special Operations expecting her, along with Funky G and John Friedman. However, attempts to capture her would fail, and over a dozen officers and Special Operations soldiers would be killed.

Desperate, the Dancing Bananalandian officials concocted a last desperate capture plan. With the aid of an intentionally over-informative police officer, Nikki Ronalk would be lured into the Prime Minister's office to face the Prime Minister (TJ Ross), at which time the Prime Minister would use a tranquiliser dart hidden in a cigar to subdue her. Unfortunately things would not go according to plan. In the parking lot outside the apartments a now nearly insane rogue John Freidman would confront Nikki Ronalk. Ronalk however would abuse Friedman's madness and confusion, turning him to her side. Together they attacked the Prime Minister, cornering him in his office as security and SpecOps streamed in from their HQ blocks away, ultimately resulting in a tense standoff as Ronalk held the Prime Minister out his window, interrogating him as security looked on helpless. After learning of Tristan Angel and her "betrayal" of Nolak, she did not kill the Prime Minister, and escaped security forces in a stolen car; meanwhile John Friedman, having slipped away during the standoff, hitched a ride on one of the pursuing SpecOps van/transports.

Funky G pursued Ronalk in his combat monster truck he called "The Beast" mercilessly, however despite his best efforts the smaller and more manoeuvrable compact car escaped into the alleyways, and came around flying post pursuing SpecOps going the opposite direction. Here John Freidman, still clutching his fireman's axe with which he had intended to end Ronalk's life with, leapt onto her car--still pursuing her with mindless fervour. SpecOps were quick to react, and forced Ronalk into an alleyway which they surrounded. However, she was still a force to be reckoned with and would not be stopped by anyone except for John Friedman. Now having caught up with Ronalk his fractured mind no longer knew what to do, as the car screamed towards the roadblock at the end of the alley Friedman at last remembered his brother, and perched atop the hood of Ronalk's car, swung his axe. Ronalk was fast to react, and swerving knocked Friedman off the car and ground him against the wall of the alleyway, but Friedman's actions were not in vain. The move brought the damaged car to a halt, and Ronalk lurched out of the wreck only to find that Friedman's axe had struck before she had dislodged him. Wounded and tired, Ronalk fell to several well-placed elephant tranquilizers fired by Funky G.

It was not over though. Through his manipulation of beaureacracy, Dancing Bananalandian Foreign Affairs Minister Kirk Banndar, becoming increasingly mad and paranoid, concocted a plan to have Ronalk sent to Angel Fire for imprisonment, then crash the plane; knowing full well her intention to kill Prime Minister Tristan Angel.

Fortunately, Dancing Bananalandian authorities found out about her survival of the seeming crash, and knowing no one on their staff could take down Nikki Ronalk, out-sourced. Enter Frank Pitman, man-turned-cyborg mercenary with mysterious ties to Dancing Bananalandian General Krull. Although initially refusing the offer of a job, Pitman suddenly accepted upon reading the mission briefing. He had his own reasons for going. Twenty year previous, Pitman had been one of a band of travelling revolutionaries known as the "three amigos", the other two being Krull and another man known as Chad Grantson. At a battle in the country of Huronia, rebel forces (along with the amigos) found themselves massively outnumbered. Then suddenly the tides had turned and the rebels had won, but in the chaos Grantson had disappeared. A third party had been present at the battle, a party including a man known as Kane Angel. Since the Friedman had pursued the name across the globe, acting as a mercenary, and now he finally had a chance to settle the fate of his long lost comrade.

Arriving in Angel Fire Ronalk wasted little time crossing the border and directly assaulting the Forgotten Council during a meeting in Forgotten City, the council was evacuated except for Tristan Angel, who engaged in a duel to the death with Ronalk. Meanwhile, after an informative encountered a Night Sister, Pitman had commandeered a police helicopter and made his way to the council building. Held up by police, Pitman found himself searching for an entrance when he came face to face with Kane Angel, whom after a tense meeting informed him that he had killed Chad Grantson, but reminded Pitman he had changed sides. After a brief internal struggle, Pitman dismissed the long-thought dead urge of revenge, and the matter finally settled, entered the council building to finish the job, only to find a wounded and pissed-off Tristan Angel standing over the corpse of Nikki Ronalk.


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Raid of the Forgotten Council

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Aberdeen Space Race

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Hekloslogravia Coronation Incident

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Angel of Light Operation

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Metis Liberation Front Civil War

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Great Aberdonian War

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Bloopan Civil War

The Bloopan Civil War divided Bloopa into two factions, the Bloopan Government and the CRA, Civil Rights Association.

Fighting broke out after a rally protesting the government turned violent. The CRA was a non-violent group peacefully attempting to change Bloopan law, as they felt the Bloopan government was too oppresive in the name of 'security'.

The CRA, headed by Joe Petrol and Jane Milensky fought several cases of abuse in court before the government shut it down. The CRA protested, and the rally turned violent. The first battle of the Civil War was on the lawn of Congress Building.

More to Come.