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General background: The Illuvauromeni Commonality of Everlasting Light, a relatively new political and supra-national entity, is the 'finished product' of the old Empire of the Eternal Dawn, which was in turn built on the bones of the preceding Commonwealth of Ma-tek, and before that, the Empire of the Eternal Flame. ICEL represents the last phase of this stage of development for the Illuvauromeni People - or so it is believed inside the Commonality. A former 'leading military' member of SATO, ICEL was once commonly believed to be either a superpower, or as close to said description as can be held. A founding and 'Eternal' member of CENNA along with its long-time ally Menelmacar, the old EOTED was a leading nation on the world stage, having taken central roles in several major international incidents and events. The Commonality has yet to become a defined quantity in modern solar politics, however. The Commonality is lead by four branches of government; the executive branch, the Executive Council; the legislative branch, Imperial House; the Judicial branch, comprising several court systems, and the constitutional branch, Citizens House. The Empire of The Eternal Dawn was formed in Dawn Year 1; the Iluvauromeni Commonality of Everlasting Light came into existance in early 2 d.e. Recent background:

The last twelve months have produced unprecedented economic expansion for the Commonality, largely related to an influx of capital from space-based ventures. An increase in stellar industrial capacity over the last twelve months has driven this expansion. The last twelve months have also seen the launch of two new colonies - Cyrnal Yste, Mars orbit, and Jovian Sunset, inside the atmosphere of Jupiter. The latter is expected to provide significant economic gain in the long-term in the form of future development of helium-3 atmospheric mining operations, whereas the former is seen as a largely political move intended to improve the Commonality's influence in the Martian system. The last few months have been marred by minor insurgency.


Location: Lodoss, South Pacific Ocean. Landmass roughly similar in size of China. Borders Chellis; both sea and land borders.

Elevation extremes

highest point: Mt. Tumnore (6,215m) (accurate DY 1)
lowest point: Aelinenya (-220m)


Total: 10,472,129 sq km
Land: 9,980,916 sq km
note: Dimensions exclude the Colonies (Nenyar Vilya Elenosto, Tharash Jovian Sunset, Noldor Cyrnal Yste).
Sea: 491,213 sq km

Land boundaries

total: 2,781km
border countries: Chellis - 2,781km
coastline: 86,991km

Maritime claims

contiguous zone: 24 NM
exclusive economic zone: 200 NM
continental shelf: 200 NM or to the edge of the continental margin
territorial sea: 15 NM


Climate: tropical to temperate

Terrain: mostly plains; extremely mountainous regions in the north and south

Natural resources: iron, gold, oil, uranium, tungsten, vanadium, magnetite, natural gas, lead, silver, platinum, yttrium, molybdenum, copper, aluminium, lead, zinc

Land use

arable land: 24.121%
permanent crops: 20.001%
other: 75.879%

irrigated land: 2,407,497 sq km (DY 1 est.)

Natural hazards

Tropical storms (infrequent, coastal); flooding (infrequent, seasonal).


current issues: low-level air pollution remaining from pre-MI transport era; mild water pollution in several key rivers; toxic wasteland in western Ax-turath following depl. uranium weapons testing by the IDF; deforestation in Ax-turath; major pollution in Bay of Turath.

Geography - note: N/A



Population: 2,180,159,137.28 (DY 4 est.)
Population - density: 217.991/km^2 (DY 1 mean figure)
Age structure (Human):
0-14 years: 17%
15-64 years: 65%
64+: 18%

Age structure (Nenyan):
0-22 years: 22%
22-190 years: 53%
190 years+: 25%

Fertile percentage: 78% (all species)

Birth rate: 3.4 births/1,000 population
Death rate: 3.1 deaths/1,000 population

Net migration rate: -21.8 migrant(s)/1,000 population

Sex ratio:
at birth: 1.09 female(s)/male
under 15 years: 1.07 female(s)/male
18+: 1.04 female(s)/male
total population: 1.056 female(s)/male

Infant mortality:
total: 4.21 deaths/1,000 live births
female: 3.97 deaths/1,000 live births
male: 4.31 deaths/1,000 live births


noun: Iluvauromeni
adjective: ICEL National(s)

Ethnic groups:
Ma-tekian 46.5%, Ax-turathian 46.3%, Nenyan 2.99%, Noldor 3.2%, Other <1%

Religion - percentile dispersion:
'The Faith' (worship of Eru) 94.6%; 'The Path of the Three Stars' (oft. combined with 'The Faith') 64.1%; Christianity 3%; Eru-Christianity 1.1%; atheist 0.9%; other 0.2%

definition: age 15 and over can read and write
total population: 99.998>%
male: 99.998%
female: 99.999%


Country name:
conventional long form: Iluvauromeni Commonality of Everlasting Light
conventional short form: ICEL
local short form: Iluvauromen
abbreviation: ICEL
local long form: Dor Iluvauromen

Government type: Sociocratic constitutional federation

Administrative divisions:
4 Semi-Autonomous States, 5 Regions, 3 non-autonomous city-states; Ma-tek, Ma-Nenya, Ax-turath, the Colonial Provinces of Vilya Elenosto; Rhea, Shelbattanu, Telnor, Shapa-rei, Ria-shelhamn; Turath, Tek, Nenya

Independance: 2 D.E.

National Holidays: Foundation Day (5th January)

Constitution: Est. 2 D.E.

Legal system: Upheld by the Commonality Criminal Court, with all laws passed first by Imperial House, then by Citizens House; complex legal system, largely criminal, with an 'environmental element' recently added, this form of law upheld by the Commonality Environmental Court; legal system enshrined in the Commonality Constitution

Suffrage: 18 years, universal

Executive branch

chiefs of state: Empress the Supreme Commander Rialla ux-Rihad II and High King the High Lord Commodore Semir-randil I and High Lord Commodore, Prime Minister of the Colonies Aglar ux-Rihad and High Lady Danielle First Lady of the Colonies and High Lord Commodore Ax-randiri Rihad and High Lord Ambassador Dejure (Executive Council members)

elections: All Executive Council members selected by the Crown

cabinet: Empress Rialla ux-Rihad II and High King the High Lord Commodore Semir-randil I and High Lord Commodore Ax-randiri Rihad and High Lord Commodore Aglar ux-Rihad and High Lady Danielle and High Lord Dejure

Legislative branch

Imperial House (20,000 seats; 75% elected, 25% selected by 'national political lottery' from valid persons over the age of 40 years), three Divisions (Ma-tek Division, Ma-Nenya Division, Ax-turath Division); duel-role system - each Division functions as a national government department as well as a component of the larger (60,000 seat) 'supra-national' government (Empire-wide)

elections: Speaker elected from the House by the House; elected component appointed every two years by national vote

Constitutional branch

Citizens House (10,000 seats; 75% selected by 'national political lottery' from valid persons over the age of 40 years, 25% elected); three Divisions (Ma-tek Division, Ma-Nenya Division, Ax-turath Division); dual-role system - each Division functions as a national government department as well as a component of the larger (30,000 seat) 'supra-national' government department (Empire-wide)

Judicial branch

Commonality Criminal Court (Nenya), Commonality Environmental Court (Nenya), Commonality Economic Court (Nenya)

Political parties

N/A; partisan system abolished and outlawed

International organization participation


Flag description

Light blue flag with single white triangle inside a single white circle; contained in the circle are three grey-white stars in an unjoined equilatrian triangle


GDP: US$223.5863T

GDP - real growth rate (annual): 36.2% (4 D.E.)

GDP - per capita: US$102,555.05 (4 D.E.)

GDP - composition by sector: agriculture: 8% industry and construction: 81% services: 11%

GNP: US$223.6970T

Population below poverty line: 0.3%

Inflation rate (consumer prices): 12.9%

Labour force: 1,504,736,657 (one point five billion)

Labour force - by occupation: agriculture 61%, industry 33%, services 6%

Unemployment rate: N/A due to state employment measures in effect since February, DY 1


revenues: US$54T (DY 3 est.) expenditures: US$47.124T (DY 3 est.)


Metallurgical, machine building, textiles, various agricultural, chemical, medicinal, toys, food processing, MI automobiles, computers, telecommunications, orbital assets, consumer electronics, military electronics, military equipment, various space-based industry, other high-tech associated industry

Industrial production growth rate: 31.24%

Electricity production: 44.6trillion kWh

Electricity - production by source:
fossil fuel: Nil
hyrdroelectric: 4%
terrestrial solar: 4%
orbital/stellar solar relay: 8%
bioelectric: 9%
tidal: 3%
geothermal: 0.14%
fission: 14%
fusion: 5%
microfusion: 52.86%

Electricity - consumption: 31.912trillion kWh

Electricity - exports: 5.211trillion kWh

Oil - production: 2.912 million bbl/day (DY 4 est.)

Oil - consumption: Nil

Oil - exports: 2.912 million bbl/day (DY 4 est.)

Oil - imports: Nil

Oil - proven reserves: 4.7billion bbl (DY 3 est.)

Natural gas - proven reserves: 2.4trillion cu m (DY 1 est.)

Natual gas - consumption: Nil

Natural gas - exports: 27thousand cu m/day

Natural gas - imports: Nil

Total Exports - dollar figure: US$20.379trillion f.o.b.

Total Exports - commodities: MI cars, energy production units, communications equipment, luxury goods, refined oil, refined metals (inc. molybdenum, iron, aluminium, and copper), natural gas, energy, nitrogen, oxygen, liquid water, heavy water

Total Exports - partners: 30.5% FSP; 28.5% Knootoss; 14% Vrak; 10% Tarasovka, 10% Lavenrunz; 5% other (Melkor Unchained, Milesia, Santa Barbara, New Proletarianism, Spacer Guilds, Kay Son, Scolopendra, 'Mars'); 2% New ArAreBee; 2% Lunatic Retard Robots

Total Imports - dollar figure: US$20.268trillion f.o.b.

Total Imports - commodities: machinery and equipment, plastics, chemicals, raw materials (mostly iron, yttrium, and magnetite), luxury goods, communications equipment, luxury food, helium-3

Total Imports - partners: 30.5% FSP; 28.5% Knootoss; 10% Vrak; 10% Tarasovka, 10% Lavenrunz; 5% 'The Planet Mars' (spec. figures unavailable), 2% Other (Melkor Unchained, Milesia, Santa Barbara, New Proletarianism, Spacer Guilds, Kay Son, Scolopendra), 2% New ArAreBee; 2% Lunatic Retard Robots

Debt - external: US$N/A

Economic aid - recipient: US$N/A

Currency: Relhame (RLH)

Currency code: RLH

Exchange rates: Relhame per Menelmacari Credit - parity

Fiscal year: June to June



Telephones - main lines (traditional) in use: 102million

Telephones - main lines (MESH) in use: 1.98billion

Telephones - CPDAs: 1.53 billion

Telephone system:
general assessment: 'Vastband' (referred to as 'The Mesh') network provides crisp, efficient, and effective service in a multi-discipline network.
domestic: 'Mesh' lines (superconductive relays running at so-called 'vastband' capacity, with mammoth bandwidth availability to the average user as a matter of course) cover 98% of the Commonality already, and the network is growing.
international: All international comms interlinking is attained via usage of the civilian components of the MISAT network, deployed and co-owned by the Imperial Space Networking Co-Operative and the Commonality Space Force.

Radio broadcast stations: Some six thousand regional stations, and five national stations; AM and FM frequencies.

Television broadcast stations: Just six remain, all state-owned.

Trimensional viewing broadcast stations: Around 5,000, the biggest of which is INN Solar. There are no state-owned trimensional viewing broadcasters, but the state does reserve several frequencies for emergency transmissions.

Internet country code: .di

Internet service providers: 2,000+ (DY 3 est.)

Internet users: 1.98 billion (DY 3 est.)


Military branches: Commonality Air Force; Commonality Crown Navy; Commonality Crown Guard; Crown Commonality Space Force; Crown Commonality Space Force - Vilya Elenosto Detachment; Imperial Defence Force Intelligence; Nenyan Intelligence Organisational Umbrella Agency; Crown Commonality Armed Forces Research, Development, and Production Division; Crown Commonality Armed Forces Strategic Peacekeeping Unit; Crown Commonality Special Lancers; Crown Commonality Armed Forces Logistical Support Division; Crown Commonality Armed Forces Tactical Support Division; Crown Commonality Armed Forces Liason Office; Crown Commonality Armed Forces Operational Command Division; Crown Commonality Armed Forces Communications and Infrastructural Support Division; Office of the Commonality Imperial Armed Forces Advisory Council

Military manpower - military age: 21 years of age

Military manpower - availability: males and females age 15-56: 1,016,713,958

Military manpower - fit for military service: males and females aged 15-56: 981 million

Military manpower - total current military personnel: 149,471,219 (declassified figure; DY1)

Military manpower - total current commissioned military personnel: 94,128,615

Military manpower - total combative military personnel: 28,416,981

Military manpower - total combative commissioned military personnel: 12,416,512

Military manpower - reaching military age annually: 6,581,821

Military manpower - percentile divisionary figures:
CAF - 2%
CCN - 1%
CCG - 8.141%
CSF - 1%
CCAF RDD - 71.813%
CCAF SPU - 4.014%
CCAF LSD - 4.561%
CCAF TSD - 4.214%
CCAF OCD - 3.512%

Military expenditures - dollar figure: US$6,349,407,750,000 (US$6.349T) (DY2 figure)

Military expenditures - dollar figure (total): US$14.886 trillion (DY 1, including slush fund input to military budget)

Military expenditures - percent of GDP: 9% (excludes slush fund) (DY2 figure)

Military expenditures - percent of budget: 15% (DY2 figure)

Military expenditures - dollar figure per active regular soldier: US$42,329.39 (DY2 figure)

Military expenditures - dollar figure per active special forces soldier: US$14,435,443.60 (DY2 figure)

Transnational issues

Disputes - international: None current. Aggressive history with Five Kingdoms of Melkor Unchained, culminating in a failed invasion attempt by that nation against the old Empire of the Eternal Dawn - although there is now limited trade between the ICEL and FKoMU.