Monte Ozarka

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Monte Ozarka
Flag of Monte Ozarka
Region The Federated Klatchian Coast
Capital Reisz
Official Language(s) English, German, French
Leader Archduke Philip IV
Population 1,197,000,000
Currency solti 
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Monte Ozarka, as seen in roleplay


The Grand Duchy of Monte Ozarka is a constituent state of The Federated Klatchian Coast. It is unique from the other FKC states in that it is dedicated to peace, justice, and the idea of war as a last resort. However, loyal to the Klatch it remains, and if it, in part or in whole, shall be threatened, the GDMO shall rise to aid its compatriots. Moreover, in comparison to the other Klatchian states, the GDMO is a a nation of many personal freedoms and of large socialist programs to aid the disadvantaged. Within the Klatch, the GDMO prefers to mind its own business and not embroil itself with the troubles and scandals within its neighboring states, most of which stem from the Grand Duchy's neighbor to the southwest, Dyelli Beybi.

Extra information

Please go to the GDMO website to find out more about the nation.

Monte Ozarka, as seen in gameplay


The player with the name "Monte Ozarka" chanced upon The North Pacific amidst its struggles with Great Bight. Knowing at that time that security was of prime concern, the player posted on The North Pacific forums with an offer of aid. The puppeteer behind the nation of Monte Ozarka henceforth threw her weight behind the TNP liberation effort, which finally came to fruition on July 28, 2004.


Though the Great Bight crisis has long been over, the player known as Monte Ozarka has stayed and contributed her services to The North Pacific. The player behind Monte Ozarka has been active in the gameplay aspect of NationStates--especially that of defenders. As well as being a member of the forums to many of the most influential regions in NationStates, she is currently a member of the ADN, where she currently serves as Deputy Secretary of Defense. Furthermore, Monte Ozarka served in The North Pacific as Minister of Defense after a stint as Field Marshal under Minister Nem. In diplomatic roles, she serves as the TNP's ambassador to Juxtaposition X and The West Pacific, as well as the ADN's ambassador to The Meritocracy, The Province, and Middle Earth.

However, during the upheavals of December and January and amidst TNP's constitutional controversies (and right before the move to the s4 forums and the handover of the Delegacy to Moldavi), Monte Ozarka, along with many Ministers and Deputy Ministers forwarded their resignations to the Delegate Pixiedance. She now takes up residency in The West Pacific, where she serves as its Foreign Minister and Ambassador to Equilism and North Pacific.