Chang Xue

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Chang Xue
Ariddian / Capitalizt
singer / musician

Chang Xue (or Chang Sue) (sy:창수에,zh:張雪, dkr:장설 [1]) is a contemporary Ariddian musician. Her given name (Xue) is pronounced soo-eh in Syokaji and shoo-eh in Chinese.

Early life

Born in the inner suburbs of Sokojito Dosi [2], Unified Capitalizt States, Chang Xue is the second of three children. She was raised and educated there. She learnt to play the piano at a very young age, soon followed by a variety of other musical instruments. Her proficiency at music, combined with her soft, beautiful singing voice, led her to join music clubs from childhood. She signed her first contract to record solos at the age of 15.

By the time she attended university, Chang Xue had recorded several CDs, mostly solos of herself singing soft-voiced songs of her own writing, and accompanying them herself with piano or guitar. She sang mostly in Syokaji. She studied for two years at the university in Sokojito Dosi, before going to West Ariddia to complete her degree at the University of Aqeyr, in response to a contract offered by an Aqeyr-based records company.

During a holiday in neighbouring socialist Ariddia, Chang was struck by the Ariddians’ way of life, so different to anything she had ever experienced. Expressing her profound admiration for its communitarian ethos and solidarity, Chang later settled there permanently.


Chang sings in Syokaji, Chinese and French. Her songs are mostly gentle, soulful and soothing, and she is noted for her soft, melodious voice. Her best-known song is Lac d’automne.

Chang’s specialty is to put words to the music of the composer she most admires: Tchaikovsky. She has also written and performed some songs to the music of Mozart.

Her songs are mostly peaceful, soothing, beautiful and apolitical, but she has written two passionate, moving songs in English, Eyes Turned Inwards and Crying, which denounce selfishness and people’s lack of caring for the suffering of human beings (and animals) around the planet. These songs were destined for a foreign audience, and were released together as a CD single; they are Chang’s only songs in English. The choice of language was primarily for the lyrics to be widely understood.

Today, Chang Xue is one of Ariddia’s best-known singers and musicians.

Chorus of Eyes Turned Inwards

For your eyes don't see the pain,
In your heart there is no rain
You have your eyes turned inwards
Your eyes turned inwards
Nothing there to see but you
You can't see what's oh so true
You have your eyes turned inwards
Your eyes turned inwards

Performances abroad


Chang Xue’s music is sold around the world, and she regularly performs concerts abroad, playing the piano or the guitar to her own songs. She also sings to live orchestras performing the music of classical composers.

She has appeared in concert in the following foreign cities, among others: Aeropag, Aqeyr, Cafundó do Juta, Clayquot, Commerce Heights, Coricas, Deddick, Elville, Espinal, First Creek Falls, Gabalfa, the International City, Lasft, Lux, Mandragora, Merano, Murrindal, Neorvins, Nortopalazzo, Nouvel Espoir, Outineau, Port Imbris, Saint-Remy, Sambuca, Saronno, Sokojito Dosi (along with Te'yaçu, Myatani, Tidus, Otsokojito, Jahmeel and Melbin [3]), Sonoma City and Timiocato.

Performance at the Oriental Cup

Chang was the official singer for the Oriental Football Cup hosted by the Han Empire. This included singing the national anthems of participating teams' countries at the start of each match.