Child Pornography Prohibition

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Resolution History



Floor Debate

Resolution Text

Child Pornography Prohibition
A resolution to restrict civil freedoms in the interest of moral decency.

Category: Moral Decency Strength: Strong Proposed By: Gruenberg


The United Nations,

Horrified by the involvement of children in the pornography industry,

Reaffirming its support for freedom of speech, expression, and media,

Recalling Clause 2 of Resolution #138, "Artistic Freedom", and its provision that work that directly harms others does not constitute protected work,

Further recalling its previous Resolutions #22, "Outlaw Pedophilia", and #25, "The Child Protection Act",

Saddened that there are those who would produce material that does harm others, especially where such harm is sexual, and involves minors,

Determining that such material is not protected from restrictions of production and distribution,

Resolving to adopt a strong stance against child pornography in all forms, and work towards eliminating this moral cancer,

Imploring all UN members to think of the children:

1. Defines for the purposes of this Resolution:

- "child pornography" as any explicit representation of real or simulated sexual acts performed by a child, or any explicit image of the sexual organs of a child, for primarily sexual purposes;
- "child" as any person below the legal age of consent in their nation of nationality;

2. Requires member nations to prohibit:

- the possession, production, distribution and trade of child pornography;
- any act of coercing a child to participate in the production of child pornography;
- the trade of children for the purposes of the production of child pornography;

3. Requires member nations to institute appropriately tough penalties for such criminal acts;

4. Promotes international cooperation in:

- the capture of and facilitation of appropriate legal proceedings against those suspected of involvement in the child pornography trade;
- the seizure, and appropriate further action, such as shipment for the purposes of use as evidence, and thereafter full destruction, of all child pornography;
- the extradition of those suspected of involvement in the child pornography trade for questioning and trial;
- the identification and repatriation of children taken abroad through the child pornography;
- the sharing of information on known child pornography producers and distributors between law enforcement agencies;

5. Supports all efforts at providing for the wellbeing and recovery of victims of child pornography.

Votes For: 11,641
Votes Against: 1,358
Implemented: Sat Jul 29 2006

Voting Analysis

There were no widely known surveys or polls conducted along with this resolution other than the official UN vote. The resoultion did achieve a supermajority and passed with over a 90% approval rating. It was pointed out that the final vote totals for this resolution: 11,641 to 1,358 bear a strong similarity to the final vote totals for the Outlaw Pedophilia resolution (11,739 to 1,363) which was adopted a little over three years prior to this resolution.[1] It was pointed out that the strong support for two moral decency resolutions, which have the game impact of describing civil freedoms, was not the deciding factor, but instead that the majority of NationStates players do in fact consider the overall intended impact of the resolution text.[2]

Gameplay Analysis

This resolution had no significant impacts on changing the way NationStates is played.


Following the adoption of the Child Pornography Prohibition resolution, Caroline Thistletwat of the Matrons of Morality, presented Lori Jiffjeff, from Gruenberg, the MOM of the month award for her roll in writing and campaigning for this resolution.[3]

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