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The MIRC Crew is a group of individuals - mostly influential players from the International Incidents forum - who are usually found chilling out in the #draftroom, the NS Draftroom's official IRC channel. When they are not talking about the latest battleship or earth-shattering super heavy tank, they are usually found telling Clandonian jokes, making fun of the latest n00bs trying to 'pwn thar enmies' with more battleships than they have people, or comparing the sizes of their various... egos.

Yeah, that's a good metaphor.


Multiple-hour sessions often consist of discussing "Wessels", sex of all kinds, random long strings of capital letters, massive mentioning of random things somewhat relating to NationStates, flying battleships, random spider monkeys, extreme amount of XD's (which lead to the best/longest quotes evar) and some actual designing. (Although honestly, most of this last is ignored by almost everyone except Space Union.) As soon as a nation leaves, nearly all other nations begin to trash-talk the said nation, leading to the most dysfunctional place on NationStates. Actually, it's just the most dysfunctional place, period. But we kind of like it that way anyway.

However, most of the members are actually quite friendly towards each other (although exchange of insults between Questers, MassPwnage, Willink, Velkya, and Space Union are frequent) and most know at least a little OOC information about the other - age, gender, nationality, etc. The mIRC crew meets primarily on The NS Draftroom 'formal' IRC chat. However, when asking around for the crew you will probably have a large number of highly rotten tomatoes and pictures of Hogsweat thrown at you - which will not be a good thing - so don't ask.

General Topics

Constant themes are Royal Navy versus United States Navy banter (mostly between Questers and MassPwnage, the resident steel wankers), Feric vs MAD IV, a piece of shit designed by Doomingsland (Feric=win), constant references to penis size of certain members, and mockery of NS players that are not on the chat itself. Several other great events have happened here, including the Domination of Velkie, in which nearly every nation took his name purely to annoy him. They were marginally successful, to say the least (those pricks). Also, the Battle Of IranDefence.net, in the crew from the Draftroom (Mostly Space Union, Velkya, Willink, Praetonia, Aralonia, The Silver Sky and a small furry creature named Steven) utterly owned an entire forum's worth of exiled Iranians (Who were later found out to be having massive forum problems and owned by Israeli F-16's bombing their servers in Lebanon.). Skinny87 also assumed a false name on the forum and proceeded to flame the other Draftroom Members; they believed the deception completely until he revealed it to them.

Questers also regularly shows his steel penis to every one else in an attempt to impress them.

Un/fortunately, it hardly ever works.

There are also many arguments between Tyrandis and Space Union about whose bombers and aircraft are better and who designs better aircraft. Usually, these aren't resolved.

Okielahoma and Jaredcohenia have lately taken to registering other IRCers' nicks, thus gaining the ability to GHOST (or disconnect) them at will. One afternoon Okielahoma, Jaredcohenia and Cravan combined to GHOST kick Zukariaa fifteen times. All have been told to stop by Questers and the GHOSTing has subsided.

Great #Draftroom Quotes

Stick 'em here!

Temujinn> I dont know you personally to attack your mothers teeth or your dad's job or some other shit like that...so I go with what I know

<SodaPopinski> why not?

<SodaPopinski> Temu, attack my dad's job

<SodaPopinski> he works 6ft under in a cemetary

<SodaPopinski> *cemetery

<Temujinn> So the hours are long then?


The Crew was handed a serious blow when Willink, one of the core members, was banned indefinitely on the Esper.net server for not so nice comments about liberals on a different server, that was linked to from the Draftroom. His ban was lifted early in June, and hilarity ensued.

Another blow to the glorious Crew occured in Feb 2007 when esper.net sysops warned the #draftroom and Crew for their long strings of XD>ASS and XD, and otherwise nonsensical spam and placed the #draftroom under probation for taxing the esper.net servers (WE ARE TOO STRONG FOR THE SERVER GODS!) with their spam. So spam was then made punishable by banning from the #draftroom. But it seems that the probation has been lifted, as the warning is no longer present in the channel topic.

Yet another blow was handed when Allanea was banned.

New To The Crew

The newest members of the crew are Tocrowkia, who is the #draftroom SLUT (she's totally bang-able :D), Aralonia, who hails from a distant planet known as-- Oi who put that there (I'm not that weird... -.-), Zanziik (who we think, because of an single quote, is gay and likes them long, not stubby), Northford (who we actually don't know much about for some reason), LNI, who did the entire Las Vegas area's transexual hooker population in a single night, and Zukariaa, who was recently part of a rather humorous rendition of WW2 on the #draftroom, as well as an extremely funny prank on Hataria. Zukariaa also has found himself on the other end of a prank, by Okielahoma and Jaredcohenia (see above).

Oh, yes, you are.
It's true, anime nerd.
IT IS NOT. And I'm not the newbie anymore!
You're still a nerd, stop using your girlfriend to validate your existence!!!
Hey, I said it first!!! /Stardust
There is only ONE SOLUTION to this altercation.... Make a intermeshing rotored autogyro! /No_Endorse <--this is Zuk's joke, though
Blasphemy Zuk. Pure Blasphemy./No_Endorse

The Crew

People who are considered part of the MIRC Crew are as follows:

Blub Empire
Clandonia Prime
The Freethinkers
GMC Military Arms
Mini Miehm
Questers (Hogsweat)
Southeast Asia
Soviet Bloc
Space Union
The Island of Rose(The Cassiopeia Galaxy)
The Northern Expanse
The Macabees
The Silver Sky
Zepplin Manufacturers

  • (Several other major nations also tend to blow in from time to time, such as Hailandkill, Sarzonia, New Empire, etc., but unfourtunatly don't show up regularly enough to be considered full members of the Crew. Additionally, member sometimes masquerade as other nations, characters, and organizations for sheer sport see Domination of Velkie.)
  • XD > ASS. For eternity.

Oath of the MIRC Crew

"I hereby swear fealty and eternal service to the Holy Order of the Draftroom, and lifelong loyalty to its Most Noble Leaders, on pain of death and/or maiming.

I will uphold the code of Nisharzo, an ancient rite which binds us to be surly and to poke fun at Sarzonia wherever and whenever the opportunity might arise. I will donate food, drink, money, weaponry and supplies to the Draftroom in the event of war with another channel.

I will promise to NEVER, under any circumstances, have Matt feel like he's actually being taken seriously. Ever.

I promise to service the #draftroom members without question, except for Matt (the nig nog). I pledge to embarrass myself on a daily basis, preferably with something that sounds sexual, except copying Zanziik is not allowed.

I pledge to partake in the ritual name calling and 'steel penis RAWR' (or in the case of females, 'steel tit') arguments. I promise never to vote for the Democrats or Labour, and I shall do my best to beat communism like it owes me money.

I promose to actually fucking learn sonething while I'm here, since this is a technical forum.

And I also promise to be sexy.

But above all, I promise to declare myself a servant of #draftroom and do as #d says at all times. If I fail to do so, I must kill myself immediately.

If I should break this vow, may thousands of tiny ants attack me while I sleep, having been smeared with jam."

By order of Glorious Comrade Leader-Operator MattIJN points 3+4 are nullified.

Given the generally humourous nature of this word, NPOV guidelines have been Ignored in this article.