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No flag
Flag of Sayt
Motto: Blood will get Blood
No Map Available
Region Aberdeen
Capital Gil'edan
Official Language(s) Saytian, english
Leader God-Emperor Fenrir
Population 4.84 billion
Currency UNAD 
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Government Overview

Sayt is an anomaly, as it is almost unheard of to have both a reigning monarch and a functional socialist government. The day to day the country is run by the Council of hierarchs, twelve fairly powerful physics, who are appointed by the "God-Emperor". The God-emperor makes important decisions that affect the state as a whole, such as war, the budget etc.

Recently announced was the abdication of the God-Emperor and the elections of a President and Senate. The Senate is to be elected six months prior to the president, as the president is selected from the Senate.

Regional Politics

The Government of Sayt's Regional policy is mainly that of Isolation, due to Sayt essentially being a theocratic monarchy. However, Both Immigration and Emigration are fairly easy, and Visa's are obtainable, with difficulty relying on criminal records, and the tourists position on any terrorist watch lists available to Customs.


Note: much of this section is religious hearsay.

The main religion in Sayt is the So called "Cult of Fenrir" who worship the God-Emperor Fenrir. To those out side the cult it is acknowledged that the so called "God" is in fact an incredibly powerful psychic capable of atomic manipulation on a large scale.

The cult of Fenrir is composed mainly of every native Saytian in the country and most of Sayts expatriate citizens.



The Ritual of Ritual of remembrance is a ritual in which the ritualist inhales the Fumes of several herbs added to the flame of consecrated wood, if the powders are added in the wrong order the ritualist experiences extreamly unpleasant effects, such as Nausea, vomiting and death and a rather nasty rash. If, however the herbs are added in the correct order the fumes mix to become a powerful awareness spectrum narcotic. The ritualist then sees the body of every single person they have killed or have known since they last performed the ritual. They then offer a single drop of their own blood to appease their spirits.


All dates are in common era "CE" or Before common era "BCE" (Most of this section is also religious hearsay)

1000 BCE: Area currently regarded to be Sayt is a swarm of at least 100 tribes fighting for land, crops and water.

0500 BCE: The majority of tribes have formed into three clans. Eastern forest tribes form the Wood Clan, famed for their marksmanship, the Western hill and mountains tribes do likewise, forming the Stone clan, famed for their skills in man-to-man combat, and their use of Bladed weapons. And last, but not least, the Central Hill tribes formed the Air Clan, noted for their skill riding the monsterous, scaled creatures named "Kavu", meaning hunter, in ancient Saytian, and their use of Spears and their shrews intelligence. the three clans take territories that become the three states of modern sayt.

0250 BCE: The Stone Clan forms an alliance with the Air clan in an effort to either pacify or wipe out the Wood Clan, whose arrogance had led them to raid and rob The Air and Stone Clans smaller settlements and Caravans, claiming that if they were strong enough to take them, they should be rightfully theirs. Archaeologists have uncovered straight swords in the Eastern bogs, leading historians to believe there were mercenary's working for either sides, as there is no documentation of Straight swords ever being used by the militants of sayt.

0020 BCE: Fenrir born to an Stone Clan warrior on an auspicious day.

0006 BCE: Fenrir's "Magic" (Psychic) powers awakened by onset of Puberty.

0000 CE: Fenrir accidentally kills his wife and daughter in the Throes of a nightmare - exiles himself to the deep Mountains, possibly to the current site of his throne room.

0001 CE: Clan's chief has a vision, he declares Fenrir is a messiah and is under the influence of Divine possession, leads his clan to him.

The Stone Clan forms an alliance with the Air clan in an effort to either pacify or wipe out the Wood Clan, whose arrogance had led them to raid The Air and Stone Clan for resources

2006 CE:Present Day - God-Emperor Fenrir I Still reigns over Sayt at the age 2026. Sayt is now a modern and flourishing Nation with reasonable foreign relations.


(force size classified)

Navy - Non-existent, due to the fact that the only part of sayt bordering a large body of water is walled of by a sheer cliff face.


  • Tanks - Leopard 2A6
  • APC - LAV-25
  • Artillery - Paladin self-propelled Howitzer, M-270 MLRS

Soldier Equipment

  • Rifle - FN F2000
  • paratrooper Rifle - M-24TSR (Tsak Shock Rifle)
  • Sidearm - FN Five-seveN
  • Body Armour - Classified, Helmet is similar to Stalhelm

Air force

  • bomber - A-10A/C Thunderbolt II
  • Fighter - F-18 super hornet
  • carrier - F-2000 WP/AC (weapons platform/Aircraft carrier)

International Military Involvement

Metis Civil War
Note:Clandestine Operation Approaching the End of the Metis civil war A trio of Nuclear Weapons were launched, the God-Emperor Fenrir, was able to Dismantle one in mid-air and cast the Plutonium into a deep-sea trench before the missiles traveled out of range.

Great Aberdonian War

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