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Flag of Ayrwll
Motto: For peace and Balance
Map of Ayrwll
Region California
Capital Araniil
Official Language(s) Multilingual:
Leader President Arancaytar Ilyaran
Population 1.785 billion (Apr 2005)
Currency Ayrwll Silver Crown (1ASC = $1.7509 
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Ayrwll, in the province of California, has been inhabited for nearly a thousand years. In this time, it has experienced a variety of political systems, going from a colonial directorate to a patchwork of feudalistic state, a Federate government, an Empire and now, eventually, a democratic republic. With its heritage as a colony of several ancient worlds, Ayrwll presents a stark contrast within itself as the modern technology of the northern part clashes with the largely elven or half elven southern provinces, which remain in a late renaissance level.

The Neutral Republic of Ayrwll is in its present state a rather new nation, less than fifty years old, with a population of 1.785 billion. Having progressed from Aristocracy, over a long period of Imperial Monarchy, finally to democracy only a few decades ago, the young republic's executive ruling body now is a senate - or the "High Council of Ayrwll" as it calls itself. All the nation's people, from the age of 16 upwards, are eligible to vote, including immigrants who have resided there for a period of 4 years.

The nation is renowned for its strong anti-business politics in favor of the environment, which leads it to being one of the most beautiful places in the region. Its huge forests are inhabited by the national animal, the silver-tipped Unicorn (genus Unicornus Argenteus), and its mountain ranges - especially the Cloudyhead mountains, with the highest mountain of the region - attract tourists from everywhere. Those tourists, anyway, that are prepared to go through the arduously bureaucratic process of being allowed to enter the natural reserves at all, which are protected by a stunningly extensive set of environment laws.

The nation has made it its goal to promote peace and balance as far as it can; for this reason the Neutral Republic of Ayrwll has joined the Atlantis Pact.

Current Events

  • Ranavis 60, 2005

The Council of Ayrwll has moved unanimously to change the name of the nation to "Ayrwll". Using time travel technology bought at a garage sale, the nation has retroactively changed all existing records to this name as far as possible.

  • Ashavoth 39, 2005

The Council of Ayrwll has briefly withdrawn from the public stage in the recent months, but is preparing to once again issue regular news. Among the recent developments is an unbelievably radical shift in the economic policies of the nation - in almost all issues save for ecological ones, the government is opening the markets wide. Rumors that the nation is preparing to seek alliance with more capitalist states have been vociferously demented by government speakers.

  • Bermelon 30, 2005

Issuing the following statement, Ayrwll has withdrawn from the United Nations. A temporary arrangement, but for now no date of its reversal has been given. Rumors that a sister nation is joining the UN are of course vigorously denied by the Foreign Affairs ministry.

From the Desk of Obertin Arashal, the UN Ambassador of Ayrwll, to the Regional Government and
People of California.
For reasons of international affairs, the Neutral Republic of Ayrwll regrets to announce it will : have to temporarily, indefinitely withdraw from the United Nations. This will be accompanied by our : loss of a vote in any UN resolution in the meantime, as well as our withdrawal of all endorsements : that have been extended to other UN nations in California.
Nonetheless, I (Sen. Arashal) shall remain at the United Nations HQ and continue to join any
discussions representing Ayrwll as a guest nation. Also, if this is allowed, we shall continue
to add Ayrwll's voice to any regional referenda that might yet come up.
Senator Obertin Arashal,
UN Ambassador,
The Neutral Republic of Ayrwll
  • Bermelon 20, 2005

Ayrwllyan Rysterchanal Nyrkelionae (ARN), Ayrwll's main news channel, has come out with a stunning announcement. From now on, they will deliver news bilingually, in Tharell and English. The English version can be reached at ARN-News.

  • Bermelon 15, 2005 (RL)

A recent program for the de-regulation of certain vital Ayrwllyan businesses (especially in the IT industry), has left the Ayrwll Silver Crown skyrocketing from 1.2443 to 1.7509 dollars. Some, especially in the south of our nation, view this matter with reserve or even distaste, for they fear the beginning of a slippy slope into rabid capitalism and environmental destruction. However, environmental laws have been kept in place, and it is mostly taxation as well as direct regulation that has been reduced.

Furthermore, Ayrwll is preparing to open its first official Bureau of Tourism, as a response to the waves of tourists that are arriving already. We believe that, what with the beautiful climate throughout most of Ayrwll, and the pristine nature of our natural resorts, the Tourist Industry can become a boost for our economy - even with the continued environmental laws in place.

  • Bermelon 12, 2005 (RL)

Ayrwll has now published an English version of a historical document, the Pact of Ayrwll, which served as the constitution of the Federation of Ayrwllyan Nations until the sixth century. Ayrwll is also looking with concern at the latest developments in its region, California, which not only has changed its delegate for the third time in two weeks, but has also experienced a steady loss of old members.

  • Bermelon 2, 2005 (RL)

Ayrwll is looking at involving itself more actively in international affairs, starting with stronger involvement within the United Nations. It is also in the process of finally translating its constitution, ratified some twenty years earlier, into English, to make the document more available to other nations.

  • Zilassyl 3, 2004 (RL)

Current internal issues revolve mainly around the government's increasing secularization, which is seen with distaste by some of the more devout groups, but generally held acceptable as the constitution declares a freedom of religion and a clear separation of church and state throughout Ayrwll. What these changes mean in practice is that the donation and tithing incomes of churches are now taxed like that of a charity - funds that are used for charital purposes are untaxed.

The country is also attempting to lighten some of the more stricter regulations to revive a struggling economy, which has mainly been cut down in favor of the environment. As a result, unemployment levels have already decreased from 25% to 9.77% within less than two years, and the exchange rate has skyrocketed from .3304$ to .9817$ for one Ayrwll Silver Crown.

World Factbook Entry for : Ayrwll

General Information & Terminology

California, South-southeast (east of Designated Drinkers).
Conventional Long Form 
The Neutral Republic of Ayrwll
Conventional Short Form 
Conventional Form of Nationality 

(Note: Aeruillian is definitely incorrect, and so is Ayrwllan. Aeruilli is tolerated, and Ayrwllian is also acceptable.)

Local Long Form 
(Pronounced ire-oo-ill-EEN-yan be-LUN-deh vah-lah-RYE-ah)
Local Short Form 
(Pronounced ire-oo-ill-EEN)
Time Zone 
East and Center : Ayrwll Central Time (ACT) : CMT + 5
West : Drinker East Time (DET) : CMT + 4


total: 8,654,256 sq km
water: 3,673 sq km
land: 8,650,583 sq km
Land Use 
Arable Land: 8.30%
Permanent Crops: 2.44%
Land Boundaries 
Coastline: 1,344 km (does not include indentations or islands)
Maritime Claims 
Territorial Sea: 10 NM
Exclusive Fishing Zone: 80 NM


Ayrwll's southern coast lies a few miles north of the Northern Tropic Circle (the Tropic of Cancer on Earth). Ayrwll does not experience tropical seasons, but is close to it in the South. However, since the rainclouds are trapped in the lower-lying area of the primal forest in the Southeast, the actual coast of Ayrwll experiences only 24 centimeters of precipitation annually. The northern part of Ayrwll, especially beyond the natural separator of the Angranakh, has a moderate climate that gets quite cold in Winter (between 3°C and 8°C).

Natural Hazards 
Occasional tidal waves in the Southwest coast: Sudden temperature plunges and blizzards immediately north of the Angranakh mountains: Flooding in the rain season west of the rain forest.
plains, hills, primal forests, mountainous, swampland
Lowest point: Lake Tomor (Tomorêil), -130m
Highest point: Silvertine (Vendîlathar), 10,304m (highest mountain in California).
Average height of habitable land : 65m

Natural Resources

Great supply 
iron ore, timber, copper, gold, silver, silicon, bauxite.
Medium supply 
titanium, adamantium, mithril, chromium, palladium, salt.
Small supply
uranium, fat, zinc, phosphates, lithium.
Geothermal power left unused for the most part.
Great tidal power, harnessed efficiently.
Shellfish, Herring, Salmon and shrimp are fished (Ayrwll has a state monopoly on the fishing industry). Whales are protected. Squid and octupi are culturally deemed inedible.
Note: formidable obstacles of climate, terrain, and distance hinder exploitation of all natural resources


1,785 Million.

Age Structure among human population.

  • 0-16 17.5%
  • 17-65 60.7%
  • 65-80 18.0%
  • 80 and over 13.8%

Among Slithzerikai population.

  • 0-12 11.1%
  • 13-85 40.7%
  • 85-130 34.2%
  • 130 and over 14.0%

Among Elven population.

  • 0-250 4.5%
  • 250-1000 30.5%
  • 1000 and over 65%
Population Growth Rate
  • Birth Rate: 11.99 births/1000 population
  • Death Rate: 7.19 deaths/1000 population
  • Net Migration Rate: 0.45 migrant(s)/1000 population


Ayrwll, originating in a colony, uses the Atharellian Calendar with 6 months each double as long as one month in the common calendar.

  • Ranavis: January 21 - March 20
  • Bermelon: March 21 - May 20
  • Ashavoth: May 21 - July 20
  • Lauralas: July 21 - September 20
  • Mossenur: September 21 - November 20
  • Zilassyl: November 21 - January 20

Ayrwll counts its years after the founding of the Colonial Conglomerate of New Atharellian Nations, when it was first colonized (there are no indigenous people on Ayrwll; all have migrated here at some later point). This reckoning is abbreviated with AC, today taken to mean either Atharellian Colonization or After Colonization.

It is now (at the time of this writing) the first of Bermelon, 967 AC.


  • Zilassyl 42 (Jan 1) : New Year
  • Ranavis 1 (Jan 21) : Traditional New Year
  • Ranavis 45 (Mar 6) : Unity Day (Empire Day)
  • Ranavis 55 (Mar 16) : National Day of Peace
  • Ashavoth 59 (Jul 18) : Birthday of First President Arancaytar Ilyaran
  • Lauralas 52 (Sep 11) : Democracy Day
  • Lauralas 7 (Jul 27) : National Elections
  • Lauralas 17 (Aug 6) : Birthday of First Empress Katya Daranin I.
  • Mossenur 24 (Oct 13) : National Day of the Dead

List of Provinces

Note: Greydelving's status as a separate province is still disputed. It is an enclave within the province of Datrien, and extends to include the entire area under the mountain range of Angranakh. The Pact of Greydelving consists of the sovereign countries of Zreach'darn'Cathul and Shassat-Uss, both occupying the cave systems beneath the mountains. The mountain range's surface itself is considered part of Datrien, but all entrances to the caves are considered borders to the realm of Greydelving.


Ayrwll is governed by democracy. The government is twofold: The senate, or "High Council of Ayrwll" (which has always 500 members, including the president), and the "Ayrwll State Court", which holds the jurisdictive power. Legislative power is in the hands of the Council, while the Executive is split between the President of Ayrwll (who is also the "First Speaker of the High Council"), and the Council itself.

A president's term lasts four years, but there is no limit to the number of terms a president may be re-elected (though that matter has been frequently raised by the opposition, and it may not be long before a decision concerning this is made by the council). Presidential candidates are appointed first by the parties (for reasons of cutting down on bureaucratic waste, only parties that have at least one representative in the Council may appoint a presidential candidate). After the head of the party has approved a presidential candidate, he or she must also be endorsed by at least 10% in the Council (the Council can only decide whether to endorse or reject a candidacy). This often leads to corruption as parties with a less than 10% minority of Council senators suffer the filibustering of particularly promising candidates. To cut down on this, the Council has passed a law limiting the number of rejected candidates to two; thus, a party that has proposed two rejected candidates can appoint a third, bypassing any vote in the council (which, as might be expected, does not solve the problem, but only increases the level of intrigue and plotting that goes on prior to presidential elections).

Once the parties have finally all successfully appointed their candidates, the people of Ayrwll get to vote on the position of president between these candidates. Since the Council is usually dominated by two or three large parties, and only few splinter groups, it is often a close race between only two candidates, with the other candidates being given little or no consideration.

The Council members are appointed in the middle of a presidential term. Senator candidates are appointed by the respective parties and approved by the president. Each party is allowed to choose as many senators as corresponds to their share of the popular vote, thus roughly each .2% corresponds to one senator.

All the nation's people, from the age of 16 upwards, are eligible to vote, including immigrants who have resided there for a period of 4 years.

Current Administration Officials


Arancaytar Ilyaran


  • Minister of Justice: ...
  • Minister of Defense: ...
  • Minister of Education: ...

High Council of Ayrwll



The Neutral Republic of Ayrwll is open to offers/requests of embassies with any nation that wishes so. Offers may be made via Telegram or by any other means of open or private communication.


Pre-Colonial Era (? - 0)

  • Ranavis 13, PC 10:

The coast of Ayrwll is discovered by Atharellian explorers, and dubbed Nyrmal (New Found). Explorers travel north until they reach the mountain range dividing the country. In memory of the strikingly similar mountain range in Atharellia, the mountain range is dubbed Telladar (Tel-Adar, Far-gazing). Jul 28 2002

Colonial Era (0 - 267)

  • Ashavoth 7, 0 AC:

The Colonial Conglomerate of New Atharellian Nations is founded and ratified. This consists of several provinces, notably Nyrmal in the Southwest, Datrien (Woodland) in the Southeast, Northern Reaches for pretty much everything north of the Telladar. Aug 8 2002

  • 65-166 AC:

Several colonial ships of other races, from different worlds, arrive within the space of a century. These are primarily Elven in nature, though a significant part is made up of the Slithzerikai of Ermarian. The Noldorin are arguably the first, arriving late in 65 AC (theorized to come from Menelmacar, which also claims to have launched several colonization efforts around that time). After them came the Drow in 87 AC (from who knows where), followed, finally, by the Slithzerikai in 166 AC.

  • Zilassyl 41, 213 AC:

Last Contact with Atharellia is made prior to a communications breakdown. In the following years, the colonial conglomerate steadily declines. Mar 8 2003

  • Mossenur 13, 251:

The Count of Siris Isle declares independent sovereignty. Many soon follow his example, among them the Duke of Northern Datrien, the Duke of the Northern Reaches, the High Priest of Shassat-Uss and Queen Ylothan of the Drow, in the Telladar mountains. The Colonial Conglomerate is too weak to interfere, but retains control of Southern Nyrmal and its main port, Dawn's Landing. As the inhabitants of the Telladar gain independence, the name "Telladar" falls into disuse and is replaced by the Drow name, Zreach'cthul'Ythain, and the Tharell equivalent, Angranakh (Iron Flame). Apr 15 2003

  • Ranavis 1, 255:

As more and more regions declare sovereignty, several grow expansionist and invade their neighbors. Civil War is in full swing within the same year. Apr 19 2003

  • Ranavis 13, 267:

As the resources of many regions are growing closer to exhaustion, a peace treaty is declared. It is mostly kept due to the stalemate now enveloping all the duchies. Hostilities soon cool off and normal trade resumes. The Colonial Conglomerate of New Atharellian Nations, by now nothing but an empty title, is abolished at the same time. May 1 2003

Feudal Era (267 - 298)

No records found.

Federation Era (298 - 685)

  • Lauralas 46 298:

The Federation of Ayrwllyan Nations is founded from the union of several duchies, in the signing of the Pact of Ayrwll (this is both an economic and military pact). The name "Ayrwll" was first mentioned in documents some thirty years earlier, as the name of a tiny neutral region just north of the Angranakh Mountains, where the pact was ratified. Believed to derive from Ærr'Wyll'Inya, Ancient Rylenian for "Windy Forest Glade", the name probably originated in the years prior to the colonization. Jun 1 2003

  • Bermelon 30, 662:

Katya Daranin is born daughter to General Valzier Shazisre and Duchess Lyra Daranin II. She quickly develops into a brilliant and ambitious political mind as well as a charismatic leader figure. Jun 1 2004

  • Lauralas 14, 680:

After Lyra's death, Katya takes over her reign. In a series of subtle politics, intrigues and diplomatic annexations, she unites several duchies and gains power within the next few years.

Imperial Era (685 - 879)

  • Ranavis 45, 685:

As the power of Katya's domain grows further, she declares the Empire of Ayrwll. More and more of the feudal realms flock to her banner. The flag design she adopted is a silver crown above a silver sun on a yellow field, which is the first time the current national colors of Ayrwll have been used in its heraldry. Jun 23 2004 (NATIONSTATES REGISTRATION)

  • Zilassyl 1, 688:

The Empire of Ayrwll ratifies the United Nations membership terms and becomes a member of the UN. Jun 26 2004 (UN APPLICATION)

  • Ashavoth 59, 860:

Arancaytar Ilyaran is born as the sole heir to the Imperial Throne. In spite of his upbringing, he somehow develops libertarian ideals. Jan 2 2005

Democratic Era (879 - Present day)

  • Lauralas 1, 879:

Emperor Arancaytar Ilyaran III ascends to the throne and dissolves the Empire of Ayrwll, appointing a provisional committee to oversee Ayrwll's transition into a democracy. Jan 21 2005

  • Lauralas 20, 879:

The committee has appointed all necessary offices, including the High Council of Ayrwll.

  • Lauralas 50, 879:

The Constitution of the Neutral Republic of Ayrwll is drafted and ratified. The next months are spent in updating the census and preparing for the first national election. Jan 21 2005. Constitution of Ayrwll (Republic) (in planning).

  • Lauralas 7, 880:

The Neutral Republic of Ayrwll holds its first National Election for the office of President. This date is declared a national holiday and all future elections will be held on the seventh of Lauralas, once in five years. Jan 22 2005

  • Bermelon 1, 967:

Present Day.

General Census

  • 37% half-elven, 10% white, 12% asian, 12% black, 10% slithzerikai, 10% elves 6% other

Elven Population:

It should be noted that the half-elves (and elves even more so) are more common in the Southern parts of Ayrwll, and one will search long (and usually in vain) for one of the Undying anywhere North of the Angranakh Mountains in Central Ayrwll. This is a legacy of Ayrwll's time as a colony of the Rylenian elves (alongside with Atharellian explorers), following which was a rush of immigration from other remote worlds like Calithon, Ermarian and even Arda.

The Velpan population from Calithon was eventually merged with their reptile cousins, the Slithzerikai from Ermarian, who retained this name. They have withdrawn for the most part into the extensive caves in the Angranakh mountains, where they have founded their own community (Shassat-Uss, which means 'Over the sea' in Neo-Slithzerikai). Shassat-Uss, like its close ally, the Drow Queendom of Zreach, is recognized and endorsed by the Ayrwll government, pays a token tax in return for protction, and has an embassy in Araniil in the province of Daranas, which it shares with the Drow (the Embassy is officiall sent by the alliance of Greydelving). Since they are not affected by most of the government's decisions, they effectively do not participate in national politics (and the High Council, in all the time since its founding, has never had a Slithzerikai representative), though occasionally the ambassador may represent the Theocracy in certain economic deals. Slithzerikai stonemasonry and sculptures, as well as Velpan artwork, are an important national export, and Shassat-Uss profits from this quite handsomely. The embassy of Shassat-Uss has been vacant for ten years.

The Elven populations have also withdrawn into numerous isolated, close-knit communities in the heavily forested Southern province of Nyrmal (except for the Drow, who have settled down in the Southern tip of the Angranakh (which, incidentally, they still refer to as Telladar) and trade with the Slithzerikai). They do not have a separate central government, but 'full-blood' elves are rare in the capital. Still, there is a sizable group of Half-elven council members, and the current foreign minister (Vanessa Siliagh) is a Noldorin Elf - the only pure-elven politician currently in cabinet.

Elven smithery, and especially weaponry produced by the Drow, is another famous export of Ayrwll, and though it is irrelevant to most nations that have outgrown bladed weapons, Drow daggers are part of the standard equipment of intelligence agents in all of California. The ability to produce durable metal alloys has proved useful for the aircraft and the space craft industry, and magic-enhanced Elven fine mechanics and electronics are a boon to the Ayrwll Information Technology industry.


  • Life Expectancy - 88 years
  • Tax rate - 100%
  • Full name - The Neutral Republic of Ayrwll
  • Major Industry - Information Technology
  • GDP - $42,406,832,341,070.16
  • Government Type - New York Times Democracy
  • Government Concern - Education, Environment, Social Equality, Social Welfare.

The United Nations

Past Votes

  • 98. Eradicate Smallpox
Ayrwll voted AYE. The regional referendum was cast for NAY with a 2:3 margin. The resolution passed with 12,215 to 3,377
  • UN Peace prize
Ayrwll voted AYE. The regional referendum was cast for AYE with a 6:2 margin. The resolution failed with 8,811 votes to 8,063.
  • 99. Discrimination Accord
Ayrwll voted AYE. THe regional referendum was cast for AYE with a 4:2 margin. The resolution passed with 11,035 votes to 6,347.

Additional Information