Kraven War

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Kraven War
Date 1 October 2005 - present
Place Global conflict
Result Ongoing
Axis Nova
The Kraven Corporation
Kraven Consortium
Psyker Bearzerkers
AMF (after Battle of Najaster)
Anti-Kraven Alliance
DSRwarflag.jpg Kahanistan
Kraven rebels
Damien Dreadfire
Reichmarshal Helghan
Garik Maw
Vader Tanakis
DSRwarflag.jpg Abdullah Hassan al-Ghazi
DSRwarflag.jpg Mohammed bin Yusuf al-Za'if
DSRwarflag.jpg Igor Kaselev
DSRwarflag.jpg Raghad Nazmareh
Ertham Nidor
DSRwarflag.jpg Nadia Sklenova
Denteth Tolion
DSRwarflag.jpg Marcellus Valens
Some 250 million CP ~70 million troops of various nations
Most of Kravonika's population, ~2 billion ~400 million

The Kraven War is a conflict between Kraven and its allies, formerly collectively known as the Consortium (now The Supreme State), and the Anti-Kraven Alliance, an alliance of several, mostly democratic, nations opposed to the oppression and imperialism of the Kraven Corporation.


The Kraven War began in October 2005, in Xirnium, then embroiled in a civil war between the corrupt monarch Quikzos IV and the democratic government. The monarchists, on the verge of defeat, agreed to sell millions of slaves to the Kraven Corporation in exchange for nuclear weapons to use against the democratic faction. The resulting international outrage led to the Invasion of Xirnium, a long, bloody war in which Kraven and its relatively few allies were driven out by a huge coalition of forces which would later become the Anti-Kraven Alliance.

The Anti-Kraven Alliance

The Anti-Kraven Alliance was a coalition of nations that had little in common with each other besides their distaste for Kraven. While some formed lasting alliances, such as Kahanistan and St. Fedski, other relations fell apart as soon as the immediate threat was over, such as the relationship between Kahanistan and Xirnium. The AKA is a telling example of realpolitik, when nations ally together out of practical concerns, despite not sharing an ideological or political commonality.


Torontia was a small, fascist nation ruled by General Vader Tanakis. Tanakis had come under an international firestorm for selling homosexuals and tramps as scientific specimens and involuntary organ donors on the international market. Desperate to avoid a massive invasion like that currently taking place in Xirnium, Tanakis offered an alliance to the Kraven Corporation, contributing troops to the Invasion of Xirnium. This act provoked a missile storm by the Infinite Empire of Yallak, which fired 300,000 cruise missiles at Torontia. While the missiles were aborted and self-destructed in flight, Tanakis and much of his government had already fled with much of the government's wealth, leaving a nation in anarchy.

Occupation of Torontia

Main article: Occupation of Torontia

Torontia was occupied by several member states of the Anti-Kraven Alliance, Saharistan War Coalition, and the State of Amestria. They waged a brief but intense war against the Torontian pro-Tanakis rebels and guerrillas, eventually establishing a democratic government in Torontia. However, Amestria's controversial methods led to the destruction of relations between Kahanistan and Amestria, and the 2006 Kahanistan riots, a brutal display of Kahanistanian anti-Amestrianism in which many thousands, some say millions, of people were killed savagely in front of news cameras without fear of the Kahanistanian police, who were heavily outnumbered and often themselves targeted when they tried to protect Amestrians.


Main articles: Battle of Najaster, Invasion of Kahanistan (Kraven War)

After the First Battle of Kravonika, when the Kahanistanian military attacked the city with MiG-29 strike fighters targeting naval defenses, suffering a disastrous defeat at the hands of Kraven and Otagian troops, Kraven obtained the help of the Excessively Armed Empire of Automagfreek.

The Kraven War looked bleak for the Anti-Kraven Alliance in general and the Democratic Soviet Republic of Kahanistan in particular when Automagfreek announced its support of the Kraven Corporation against the Alliance forces. Kahanistan had not attended the peace summit at which the majority of the AKA made peace with Kraven under Freekish and Kraven duress.

Invasion of Kahanistan

Kahanistan rebuffed Freekish demands for surrender. The controversial Kahanistanian general Abdullah Hassan al-Ghazi threatened the Excessively Armed Empire with destruction by Allah should Dreadfire continue to fight on the side of Kraven. Dreadfire, not one to bow to anyone, much less a man widely viewed as a dangerous Islamic fanatic, invaded Kahanistan with over a million Sentinels, destroying the Kahanistanian coastal city of Al-Bahr and encircling the Kahanistanian capital city of Najaster. President Mohammed bin Yusuf al-Za'if returned to Kahanistan to surrender to the invasion commander, Azrael the Advocate, son of Dreadfire and one of the most powerful Freekish generals.

Battle of Najaster

In Najaster, the Kraven general Helghan, who had secretly turned against Father, informed Azrael that the Kraven Corporation had been using AMF to fight its wars and break its most defiant enemy. While it appeared at the time as a typical expression of Kraven arrogance, in fact it was a stab in the back by Helghan to Father; the statement incited Dreadfire to declare Blood Feud, the systematic genocide of an entire nation, against Kraven. A furious Azrael, his Sentinel guards, the Kahanistanian Presidential Security Detachment, and the armed citizens who had prepared to fight to the death against AMF, slaughtered most of the Sardaukar, but Helghan himself escaped.

Second Battle of Kravonika

The Second Battle of Kravonika was the invasion of Kraven by AMF, Kahanistan, and Velkya against Kraven, which was now devoid of allies. Kahanistan had taken advantage of a Velkyan aid program to train some 30,000 pilots, though only about 1,500 Kahanistanians saw action in this battle.

Kraven fought savagely, releasing its three-stage bioweapon against the Sentinels, who fought literally until their lungs dissolved and their bodies physically collapsed. Another wave of Sentinels stormed the already damaged defenses, slaughtering Capitol Police and civilians alike, though many accounts claim that most of the civilian casualties were victims of Kraven's own weapon; unlike Kahanistan, which had a functioning civil defense network able to provide civilians with gas masks, Kraven saw civilians as expendable and they were slaughtered wholesale.

With defeat apparently inevitable and Father desperately spreading into every piece of computing machinery it could find (Father is a computer program that acts as the Kraven dictator), Panzer Oberst Lorn, the commander of the defending Kriegsmarines, surrendered to Dreadfire. His fate after the war is unknown.

Kraven Resurgence

Father had copied himself into an Axis Novan computer, possessing the body of an Axis Novan general. From his position, he was able to reclaim power over the Kraven Corporation, which had relocated to the island of Arterus. Kraven first flexed its muscle by recruiting new allies and crushing those who turned against it.

Infiltration of Kraven

Currently, Kahanistanian special forces are believed to operate in Kraven. As this is an ongoing operation, little is available on that contingency at this point.