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Air Willink
Established 1959
Headquartered Lebanon,Willink
Assets $73,250,000,000 (1/2007)
Company value $1,125,925,865,200 (1/2007)
Employees 350,400 (1/2007)
Fleet size 22,000
Destinations 8,400
Frequent Flyer Programme Gold Card
Flight code AW
CEO Mr. Franklin S Barnes
CFO Mr. Joeseph M Fedor
Board Chairman Mr. Stephen Huges Neilson
Slogan Quality comes first
Quality of Service World: Rank T-4th

Air Willink is Willink's state-owned, and largest airline company (and the 3rd largest airliner in the world in nearly every statistical category), and is based at Lebanon International Airport. It is the nation's flag carrier, and flies it's logo on the tail's of it's aircraft. It's Chief Competition is Rivera Airways


The Airline was founded in 1959 by James T Neilson, who operated a fleet of 32 aircraft beginning in 1959. It operated independently until 1975 under the name "Neilson Airways", and at this time operation of the company became strained, profits began to fall, and Neilson was forced to sell the company to the government. To ensure his ability to dictate his role, he was guaranteed that he would stay the lines chairman, and that he would pick his replacement. Under this criteria, the airline reopened routes in 1976, renamed Air Willink.

From this period on, Air Willink has continually grown and expanded in both its service, and in it's routes, changing from a regional to an international role, and is ranked as one of the top 10 airliners in the world in terms of quality.

Recently, AeroPacitalia teamed with Air Willink in a new code-sharing agreement. The agreement also allowed the two carriers to link their reservation network systems and provide seamless passenger services with faster check-in, which means that passengers only need to check-in once at the starting point of their travel at either airline without the hassle of booking fees that other CSAs stipulate.


Air Willink flies to a relatively small amount of nations, but unlike other carriers, flies to the majority of cities within these nations. Below is a list of nations that Air Willink flies to:


Air Willink operates a variety of aircraft.


  • 15 SuCO-1 Super Jumbo Jets
  • 282 Airbus A380
  • 420 777-200LR Worldliner
  • 352 Boeing 787
  • 800 Boeing 717
  • 60 J-900
  • 42 Tupolev Tu-144(Being phased out for J-900)
  • 3000 CRJ-200


  • 50 SuCO-1 Cargo Varients
  • 300 Airbus A310-200F
  • 225 Airbus A380
  • 520 DC-8-63CF
  • 920 ERJ 145C
  • 1800 Beechcraft 1900


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