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Solism was a monotheistic religion focused around the teachings of Iosif S. Wright , the Ustarema (ancient word meaning God). It is one of the oldest and most influential religions in the Democratic Union, with followers in almost every nation.


The exact origins of Solism are unknown, but its sacred text, the holy [[Book of Sol|]], is considered by the majority of the scientific community to be the oldest known written record in the world. Until recently, Solism was contained entirely within the borders of Solray due to the government's policy of isolationism. As a result of the isolation, followers consider the religion to have remained true to its origins and escaped the corrupting influences of the outside world.

Recently, with the arrival of the Ustarema, an era of expansion began with hundreds of missionaries being sent throughout the region. While at first resisted by the people, the Solist teachings slowly became more and more accepted until several nations declared it the official religion.


Two Solists praying in the garden outside the Sacred Temple of Islandiel at Dalaran, the capital city of Eyygui. Since Eyygui's conversion many such places of worship have been built.


The basis of Solist beliefs is in the self. By improving oneself mentally and spiritually, a Solist helps to improve the condition of the world. Continued self-improvement provides an example for those around him to follow. Through this process Solism hopes to improve the entire world, uniting all peoples under a banner of self-improvement. This unity would eventually bring about an end to crime, poverty, and injustice.


Solists are compelled to follow many ancient traditions. These traditions strengthen their faith as well as their unity, and typically enhance their spiritual connections. While there are many smaller traditions, only the most important 5 Traditions are required:

  1. Pray at dawn and mourn the setting of the sun
  2. Celebrate the rising of the sun and mark it by eating a ceremonial meal
  3. Carry red, orange, and yellow beads upon shoulder (used to pray and tell the time of day)
  4. Never eat swine or raw meat
  5. Have at least one sunflower in garden or home (to help show the path of light)

Light and Dark

Solism is heavily focused on the conflict between light and dark, and believes that each is necessary for the continued existence of the other. The Ustarema is the godly figure of light, and his antithetical figure is the Imoy-Ikust, figure of darkness. Rather than having laws set in stone, the words of the Ustarema are considered to have total legitimacy over everything else. Likewise, the words of the Imoy Ikust are considered the ultimate path towards evil and should therefore be avoided.


League of Red

Many nations dedicatedly follow the teachings of the Ustarema. As required by Solism, all nations with significant Solist populations are members of the League of Red, a loose organization. In accordance with Solist dogma regarding free will, members of the League are not required, but encouraged, to aid each other when necessary. After proving their dedication strongly enough, members may be given an Angel, a spiritual leader on the national level. Angels are usually natives of their country, and are chosen for their potential in the eyes of the Ustarema rather than any tangible quality.


A makeshift Abascalanian hospital tends to dozens of infected patients.

The first Solists to arrive in Abascalania were not missionaries, but rather soldiers sent as a response to the nation's invasion of chucknorrisville. After a convoluted series of events, Solray withdrew its forces, but not before introducing a biological strand of assorted pathogens into Abascalania's ecosystem. These pathogens quickly spread throughout the nation and contaminated the population. In response, Abascalania was forced to declare a quarantine and cut off all trade. This devastated the economy and led to widespread civil unrest.

Solray repeatedly offered to cure the disease if the government accepted Solism, but the price was considered too high. Finally, the military junta of Gen. Chuck Norris Jr. was deposed and Rujclef Wisesman, a Solist supporter, took control of the government. Within days all of Abascalania's citizens had been cured by Solist missionaries. Since then, Abascalania has fully embraced the Solist faith and joined the League of Red, with over 67% of the population regularly performing the traditions. This method of converting a nation remains highly controversial, and Solray has since vowed to only convert through peaceful ways.




Eyygui is probably the "most Solist" nation, aside from Solray. Prior to conversion the Eyyguians had no religion, relying instead on scientific empiricism to provide every answer. They suffered from higher rates of depression and an overall feeling of hopelessness. Noticing this, Solray sent missionaries to Eyygui. They came by the thousands and the people adopted Solism by the millions. For its show of "unshakeable faith in the eyes of adversity", Ustarema granted Eyygui an Angel, called Islandiel, who shook the very foundations of the Eyyguian nation. Coming to Eyygui at a time of chaos, he quickly took control of the government and gained the support of the vast majority of the people.

The leader before Islandiel, President Edward, had acted militarily against the neighbor nation of Shockway without the approval of the Senate, gone through an impeachment, and been imprisoned after a conviction. The Senate then took control of Eyygui, but the hostile differences among the representatives made them completely incapable of agreement. Islandiel then appeared and proclaimed himself the ruler of Eyygui by the wish of the Ustarema. After a brief and bloodless coup, Islandiel gained control of Eyygui. Rather than establish a total dictatorship, he left the Senate intact as the legislative branch so that they could help him govern.

Islandiel has introduced many new customs to Eyygui, most of which are based on Solist traditions. In cases of international tradgedy everyone is to mourn and go towards the ocean where they launch milions of sunflowers into the ocean, believing this will help soothe the upset balance of nature and restore everything to normal. All ships of the Navy must have a sunflower room, where sunflowers are placed in case of emergency. When the dead are buried, their coffins are filled with sunflowers, which are believed to help the dead in their afterlife.

The Glorious Empire

George Pita , husband of the Imoy-Ikust and unoffical "Satan" of Solism.

Officially, Solism has been repressed in The Glorious Empire. This is not due to lack of faith but rather the fact that in the eyes of all Solists, the Satanists are followers of the Imoy-Ikust. This belief was ultimately verified by the marriage of the Imoy-Ikust to the leader of Satanism, George Pita.

Solists and Satanists have often been at odds with each other. Public killings of Solists are routinely sponsored by the government, and they have been dubbed "The Beast of the North" by the National-Capitalists. Solists are considered inferior to Satanists, as well as all of the TGE peoples. They are at the bottom of the "Hierarchy of Faiths" and are considered sub-human. As TGEians believe that they have evolved beyond the normal level of humanity, "sub-humans" are discriminated against even worse than humans.

However with the Fall of the Satanic Regime, The Kapitalizts Repress all religions, and Solism in no exception




A Spootish Solist being arrested by Nephilim soldiers.

Solism arrived in Spooty much later than in other nations of the DU. When the missionaries first began preaching they mostly appealed to those in Freak Show of the Rastafarian movement. One of the main reasons for its downfall in Spooty was because High Inquisitor Acco Spoot issued a ban from the Great Gig in the Sky for all Solists. But this didn't seem to stem the flow, which dug into the Judeo-Christian beliefs of Spooty.

In May 2006 riots opened up in Spootopolis with the Floydians and Solists meeting eye to eye on the streets of the city. It was a long while before the then leader of Spooty, Mr. Spoot, managed to restore control. After the Morningstar Uprisings, Solism was allowed but Satanism replaced a huge majority of the Floydian faith. There were moves by Nephilim forces to destroy all Floydian pockets of resistance, furthering the racial hatred of Solists in Spooty.


In Thespesia, the national religion is the worship of the Fossa and their Fossatious ways. But, unbeknownst to the general public, the First Grand Fossa and his high council members were all devout Solists. Only the most high-ranking government officials were allowed to practice the foreign religion. Thespesia was even unofficially in the League of Red for a short period of time, although they asked that this be kept out of the public's view.

After the Grand Fossa's assassination, his son (Grand Fossa II) took over and abolished the secret practice, believing it to be detrimental to Fossa worship. Since then there have been no Solists recorded in the nation.

Solist-Floydist Conflict

Main article(s): Solist-Floydist Conflict

Floydian riot police prepare to confront Solist protesters. All writing in Esperanto.

The Floydian Church has always had an unspoken rivalry with Solism. Unlike Solists, Floydists do not feel the need to convert others. Because of this decision they have not achieved the same level of population penetration. In many nations, Solists and Floydists live in very close proximity to each other. This, combined with both religious groups' tendencies to openly practice their faith, has led to severe tensions which have many times escalated into violence.

In early May 2006, violent riots broke out in Spootopolis after Solist and Floydist gang rivalries erupted. The Floydist Philanchez ordered the Madcap Brigade to aid the Floydians in what was perceived as a "struggle for freedom". The violence continued for months before the Spootish government was able to re-establish order in the capital.

More recently, Solists have met Floydists on the battlefield in the Crusade of the Glorious Empire. The Ustarema declared that Palixia started the crusade as a ploy to conquer the entire region, and that the Floydist attempts at imperialism must be stopped. However, several Solist nations have disagreed with the idea of supporting The Glorious Empire and chosen not to aid in the defense. The loose affiliation of the League of Red permits such actions to be taken, and the Solists are expected to be united again after the end of the war.


In early 42 JD, the nation of Solray joined with The Glorious Empire to forge a superstate. The superstate increased by size rapidly, but its economy suffered due to the rapid change. In November 43 JD, the nation of Solray fell into anarchy. As a result, the solist movement suffered.