Strategic Alliance of Autocratic States

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Strategic Alliance of Autocratic States
Headquarters: Lavingrad, Abattoir
Members: 6 nations
Type: Roleplay
Forum: Within the AO Forums


The Strategic Alliance of Autocratic States, also known as the Strategic Alliance or Lavingrad Pact, is an Alliance of Autocratic/Dictator nations within the region of Atlantian Oceania.

Member Nations

Current Members

(those specifically signed-up to the Treaty):

Founder Members

Expansion Members

Map of the Alliance Members



Tiberius Starblayde proposed this Regional Alliance between Abattoir, Nova Roma, Starblaydia and Xile in an effort to ally the non-officially aligned Autocratic/Dictator nations within the region of Atlantian Oceania.

After a secret meeting at a secret Starblaydi mountain installation, with far too large a quantity of Abattoirian Whiskey on hand for just four people, the four leaders came together and agreed to form a full Alliance through which dominance of the region could be possible.

There were also suggestions at that meeting that Nojika and Krytenia be invited to the Alliance, though with Nojika's inactivity and a Krytenian hatred of Xile's President, Adonis Lauir, it was difficult to see how an understanding could be reached.


The Abattoirian President, Antoine Tariskany, invited the other three members, along with Nojika, Krytenia and recently-arrived but soon-departed Doujin to the Abattoirian captial city of Lavingrad for an official meeting between the leaders to formalise the Strategic Alliance. There, Tiberius Starblayde submitted the Lavingrad Pact for all potential members to sign.

The Lavingrad Pact

A full political, economic and miltary treaty between the members of the Strategic Alliance, working towards the the betterment of relations in Atlantian Oceania and to promote peace in the region. For the full text of the Pact itself, see Lavingrad Pact.


At the invitation of Tiberius Starblayde, and partly due to the formation of the Strategic Defense League, the leaders of Hypocria and Ratlea were invited on board the Orcinus-owned Orca Partyship along with the other leaders of the Alliance to show that "Dictators party like they own the place", as well as to increase the Alliance's membership by two. Hypocrian Autokrator Titus Drax was actually ready to sign up to the SDL, but swift intervention by the Starblaydi Inquisition left SDL members with only a basket of mixed fruit for their troubles, rather than a new ally.

The expansion ceremony was marred (although some would say 'christened') by the death of Krytenian President Andrew Hessenthaler, who tragically died during a poolside accident. His replacement was Dominique Domasca, who took power through a democractic election. Though it was feared that Domasca's Democratic-leanings would make her ineligible for the Strategic Alliance, her decision to name herself 'Life President' soon dampened any fears over this situation. This situation, however, would not last.


The Federation of Like-Minded States was created to counter-balance the Strategic Alliance. Though the concept for the FLMS was created after the Strategic Alliance was informally created, the FLMS' treaty was signed first, making the question of which was the 'first' Regional Alliance to be created open to debate.

With the near-total ineffectiveness of the FLMS, Lamoni instigated the formation of the Strategic Defense League, which initally proved to be an equally-weak opponent to the Strategic Alliance as FLMS was. However, after the death of Tiberius Starblayde and his replacement by Lady Viannor, Krytenia's President Domasca left the Alliance to join the SDL. Hypocria, too, left after the death of their own Autokrator, Titus Drax. Though this was seen as a mistake and rectified by Drax's successor, Vyntra.

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