Tad Braxton

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Tad Braxton
Ambassador to Ariddia

Tad Braxton, the man chosen as Omigodtheykilledkenny's representative to the PDSR Ariddia, has been described by OMGTKK Secretary of State Alex Tehrani as "one of the many neocommunist agitators who have made life in Paradise City a living hell these past few years." [1] His nomination as ambassador to a foreign country was thus fully in keeping with established Kennyite policy in these matters.

Upon accepting Ambassador Braxton in Rêvane, the Ariddian authorities promised to keep him "under close guard", and that the Kennyite embassy would be located "in close proximity to a police station, a fire brigade and a psychiatric hospital." [2]

Ariddia also maintains an embassy in OMGTKK, headed by Dr. Jane Ranomezanjanahary-Souvanhnavongsa-Fincfeuiaki.

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