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The Danaan High Kingdom of the Resurgent Dream is a rich, island nation. In addition to the main island of the Resurgent Dream, properly called Dana but usually referred to as the mainland or the Resurgent Dream proper, the Resurgent Dream claims numerous other islands immediately surrounding her as well as a large chunk of northwest Ambara, a small lunar colony, and four other disparate islands including Kagerlund in the Pantocratorian Archipelego.The Resurgent Dream is a diverse nation consisting of 22 principalities and three grand duchies. These different territories include many religions, languages, and ethnicities, including some non-human ethnicities. The Resurgent Dream is for granting ideological and philosophical factors a comparatively high importance in foreign policy, although material and diplomatic factors are hardly neglected. The great majority of the nation's people are devoutly religious. Many faiths are practised in the Resurgent Dream and there is no official state religion for the nation, although principalities and grand duchies are allowed their own established churches and the separation of church and state is not valued in the abstract.



Northwestern Tareldanore, island chain roughly a thousand miles off the coast of continental Tareldanore, sub-tropical except for the tropical island of Pele, located in the South Atlantic

Northwestern Ambara, mainland

Luna, crater roughly forty km in diameter

Four other islands in neither Ambara nor Tareldanore


Total: 8,166,849 sq km
Land: 8,166,849 sq km

Land boundaries

3,504,000 km


3,055,198 km

Maritime claims

Territorial sea: 3 nm
Exclusive fishing zone: 200 nm


Subtropical to tropical; hot summers, mild winters


Wildly variant, including vast temperate forests, swamplands, endless plains, towering mountains, and rolling hills. There is also at least one substantial polder created by a large dike on the southern part of the island.

Elevation extremes

Lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m, Pacific Ocean 0 m
Highest point: Agwenberg 4,908 m

Natural resources

Coal, silver, lead, zinc, bronze, gold, platinum, uranium, lumber, fish, seals, gryffons, elephants, oil, gossamer, silver, marble, uranium

Land use

Arable land: 49%
Permanent Crops: 30%
Other: 51%

Irrigated land

1,010,409 sq km

Natural hazards

Dragons, feral gryffons, quicksand (very rare), strong tides, elephants, typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis

Environment-current issues

Preservation of the gryffon, safe waste disposal, preservation of the Polynesian way of life, clean air, clean water, fishing and hunting population management



2,395,000,000 (October 2005 est.)

Age structure

0-14 years: 25%
15-64: 45%
65-100: 29%
100 and over: 1%

Median age

Total: 43 years
Male: 42 years
Female: 44 years

Population growth rate

0.42% (8 A.R. est.)

Birth rate

6 births/1,000 population (8 A.R. est.)

Death rate

4 deaths/1,000 population (8 A.R. est.)

Net migration rate

2 migrants/1,000 population (8 A.R. est.)

Sex ratio

0.66 males/female

Infant mortality rate

Total population: 4 deaths/1,000 lives births
Male: 6 deaths/1,000 live births
Female: 3 deaths/1,000 live births

Life expectancy at birth

78 years

Total fertility rate

3.12 children born/woman (8 A.R. est.)

HIV/AIDS-adult prevalence rate



Noun: Danaan
Adjective: Danaan

Ethnic groups

European 78%, East Asian 14%, South Asian 6%, Other 2% (No other above 0.5%)


Protestant 57%, Confucian 12%, Mormon 12%, Hindu 6%, Roman Catholic 6%, Buddhist 2%, Eastern Orthodox 2%, Unitarian 1%, no other over 0.5%


English (Official), various other languages used by the various Grand Duchies and Principalities


Definition: Functional literacy in English
Total population: 100%
Male: 100%
Female: 100%


Country Name

Conventional long form: The Danaan High Kingdom of the Resurgent Dream
Conventional short form: The Resurgent Dream
Local long form: As conventional
Local short form: As conventional

Dependency status

Independent, sovereign state with no history as a colony. However, the Resurgent Dream did consist of six semi-sovereign states with dependent status towards the central government until 8 R.A..

Government type

Constitutional monarchy with an elected Parliament


Tarana since 200 R.C.

Administrative divisions

25 states linked to one another and the national government in a federal system; Shieldcrest, Wintermore, Farinor, Fireforge, Bilbtoria, Holista, Pele, Corral, Selinia, Alekthos, Amalad, Amory, Carasia, Kager, Kar, Kadoki, Legon, Nerise, Sanero, Saraben, Thorlund, Wyrnsk, Zeng, Zutern


Never had dependent status. The Resurgent Dream was founded in 1 R.T. and was fully consolidated into a federal system in 7 R.A.

National Holidays

New Year's (January 1), Labor Day (May 1), High King's Day (July 7), Remembrance Day (August 8), Thanksgiving (November 8)


February 8th 1 R.A.

Legal system

Appointed federal judges serve for life, Uasal Court is the last court of appeal and may judge the constitutionality of acts of Parliament, state courts vary


17 years of age; universal

Executive branch

Chief of state: High King Owain ap Cunedda(since 2005)
Head of government: Prime Minister Minerva Karamanlis (since 2005)
Cabinet: Appointed by the Prime Minister with the advice and consent of the Parliament
Elections: The monarchy is hereditary, prime minister (usually the majority or plurality party leader) is given a mandate by the High King to form a government

Legislative branch

Unicameral Parliament (364 seats; popularly elected representatives by county and one representative from the throne of each principality)
Election results: Percent of vote by party -- Nationalist 45%, Patriots 16%, Liberal 25%, Labor 14%; seats by party -- Nationalist 254, Patriot 91, Liberal 141, Labor 78

Judicial branch

Uasal Court, appointed federal courts, diverse state court systems

Political parties and leaders

Nationalist Party (Thomas Baxter), Patriot Party (Rhodri Llewellyn), Danaan Liberal Party (Minerva Karamanlis}. Danaan Labor Party (Abraham Goldfarb)

Political pressure groups and leaders

Danaan Association of Trade and Industrial Unions(DATIU)[ Mohammed Nazif ]
Order of Steel [Sir Abdallah al-Faisal]
Church of Amory [Archbishop Charles Blair]
Carasian Orthodox Church [Patriarch Girma Zenawi]
Church of Arrara [Archbishop Juliana Balkenende]
National Sentient Rights League (NSRL} [ Jan-Willem Zalm ]
Women's Association of the Resurgent Dream (WARD) [ Zahava Eitam ]

International organization participation

VERITAS (all pacts), TNA


Economy Overview

The Danaan economy is a prosperous one, dominated by information technology. Retail and book publishing are also powerful industries and it is in the book publishing industry that the Danaan people take the greatest pride. Tourism is also encouraged. There is a large degree of specialization among the various Principalities.


Purchasing power parity -- $74,250,000,000,000

GDP-real growth rate

10% (8 R.A. est.)

GDP-per capita

Purchasing power parity -- $37,237.04

GDP-composition by sector

Agriculture: 28%
Industry: 49%
Services: 23%

Population below poverty line


Household income or consumption by percentage share

Lowest 10%: 1%
Highest 10%: 40%

Inflation rate (consumer prices)

1.6% (8 R.A. est.)

Labor force


Unemployment rate



Revenues: $10,617,149,240,880
Expenditures: $10,404,806,256,062

Agricultural products

Wheat, tobacco, cotton, oranges, apples, pork, beef, pears, peaches, cherries, hay, maize, fish, sheep, gryffons, shellfish


Book publishing, shipbuilding, aviation, tourism, handicrafts, food processing, mining, automobile manufacturing, entertainment, construction, information technology, retail, military hardware




Telephones-main lines in use


Telephones-mobile cellular


Telephone system

General assessment: adequate domestic and international service provided by satellite, cables, and microwave radio relay
Domestic: cables, microwave radio relay, satrllite
International: country code-650; satellite earth stations -- 18 Comstat, 7 Danintel

Radio broadcast stations

AM 6, FM 51, shortwave 6

Television broadcast stations

1 national publicly-owned station, 7 national privately-owned non-profit stations, 65 national privately-owned for-profit stations, numerous local stations; all national stations are cable-based

Internet country code


Internet hosts


Internet users




Total: 147,000 km
Broad gauge: 97,000 km
Narrow gauge: 50,000 km


Total: 54,000,000 km
Paved: 53,999,846 km
Unpaved: 154 km


905,000 km


Petroleum products 1,050,000 km; natural gas 1,051,000 km

Ports and harbors

Armonvale, Aby, Vounian, Cobhda, Naoley, Eiry, Kenron, Kerlea, Eirnaidh, Nay, Cavyn, Selinia, Heartanchor, Newlund

Merchant marine

Total: 724 (1,000 GRT or over) 72,500,212 GRT
By type: barge carrier 2, bulk 76, cargo 71, chemical tanker 77, combination bulk 2, combination ore/oil 2, container 171, gravitic freighter 12, multi-functional large load carrier 2, passenger 78, passenger/cargo 2, petroleum tanker 76, refrigerated cargo 2, roll on/roll off 71, short-sea passenger 2, vehicle carrier 78.
Foreign-owned: Menelmacar 40,New York and Jersey 36,Pantocratoria 28, Dominion 12, the C'tan 50
Registered in other countries: 431


Airports-with paved runways

Total: 11,669
Over 3,047 m: 400
2,438 to 3,047 m: 600
1,524 to 2,437 m: 5,000
914 to 1,523 m: 5,660
Under 914 m: 233

Airports-with unpaved runways

Total: 4,242
Over 3,047 m: 3
2,438 to 3,047 m: 3
1,524 to 2,437 m: 234
914 to 1,523 m: 2,001
Under 914 m: 2,001




Military Branches

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Royal Guard, Municipal Militia

Military manpower-military age and obligation

21 years of age for conscription, 17 years of age for voluntary service, conscription is by lottery and not universal, women are not subject to subscription at all

Military manpower-availability


Military manpower-fit for military service


Military manpower-reaching military age annually


Military expenditures-dollar figure


Military expenditures-percentage of budget


Transnational issues


Some minor tensions with Pantocratoria over judicial cooperation, minor differences with Knootoss over interpretation of the VERITAS treaty, minor border differences with Marlund, minor fishing rights disputes with Pantocratoria

Refugees and internally displaced persons

Refugees: 12,001,042
IDPs: 22,041

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