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This article deals with Sign language as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Major dialects
American Sign Language
British Sign Language
French Sign Language
German Sign Language
Israeli Sign Language

Sign language is a type of a language which uses manual communication instead of sound to convey meaning. It performs this function through various finger, hand and arm positionings and relative movements. There are many different sign languages. As such, it requires a fair amount of physical dexterity and is not considered a native language in most cultures, as the natural language impulse shared by most Humans and Humanoids does not generally extend to non-verbal communications. It is primarily used by deaf and hard of hearing individuals though it can also be used by hearing individuals as a silent form of communication, potentially for military operations where sound plays a factor or as a means of communication in excessively loud situations.

It is expected that any nations attempting to sign in an IC environment will denote same by a different color or offset to the text, when this language distinction is considered important. Sign languages are functionally dissimilar to spoken languages, as it has no vocal component and the visual component is much more relevant. For literary reference, one may consider the sign languages of the Dungeons and Dragons Drow, or the aforementioned field signals of special operatives.

Sign language using nations in NationStates

Nation Notes on usage
Baranxtu Baranxtuan Sign Language is one of six official language of Baranxtu.
Malkaigan All students are taught Malkaigan Sign Language in primary school.
Nairatsa Most functional members of society are able to sign fluently.
Rejistania Sign language is offered as one of the choices in Exkola Side (second level education). TV programs often have news with sign-language splitscreen.
Kurona Japanese Sign Language is the most offerd Sign Language and is the only perferd SL.
Kanami American Sign Language is taught and used

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