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Icelandic-speaking nations:

Icelandic is a Germanic language in the Scandinavian language family. Icelandic descend from the old viking language (called Norse), and haven't changed so much after 1000 years as the other Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Faroese). People from Iceland cannot automaticly understand Norwegian, Swedish or Danish, but can understand Faroese after some training. RL Iceland is the only real national state (the expression NationStates is named after) in the world, and Icelandic has therefore no contact with other languages as English or far eastern languages as Farsi or Urdu. Icelandic is a complicated language, and has many more letters than English, for example.

The alphabeth

This is the Icelandic alphabeth: A Á B (C) D Ð E É F G H I Í J K L M N O Ó P (Q) R S T U Ú V (W) X Y Ý (Z) Þ Æ Ö

The letter Ð (ð) was also used in Old English and Norwegian, but today it's only in use in Icelandic. The letter represent the th-sound (like in the and them).

Icelandic Speaking Nations in NationStates

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Nation Notes on usage
Davis Island Icelandic is one of the two official languages of Davis Island together with English. Fluency in English is requisite for all members of the Icelandic-speaking community in the south of the Island. Also to be found on the Island are small communities of Scots and Irish Gaelic speakers.
North Island
Skatval Minority language without official status. Children can learn it as an optional language at school when they reach 12. Mainly spoken in the borderlands towards Skatval-Brandenburg, and also in the biggest cities (by immigrats from the borderlands).
Sturms Official Language in Sturms, with some dialects in the north of the country.
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