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Kurma is the native langauge of Kurona. It's appearance often resembles gibberish to an untrained linguest, and it can be difficult for a non Kuronan native to learn. (Which is why Kuroan also heavily incorperates English) into education.



Spoken in: Baranxtu, Kurona, Kanami, Magic Sorcery and in some parts of Stevid
Region: Kurona/Xanadou
Speakers: 1.4 billion (est)
Genetic classification:
Official status
Official language in: Kurona
Regulated by: The Kuronan Education Comission

Language Orgins

The Language orginin likely came about during Kurona's founding, although so many cultures had blended together, (paticullarly of Japanese and European) a good majority were illeterate, and could barley speak their language fluently, or write and read it. It was decided to prvent divion in the nation, a language was developed.


Mono-Same (ex.saying someone is Monoreligious is saying they follow the same religion as someone else)

Fo-Fake (ex. Fosemian Fake Police officer)

Mi-Many (ex. Mizemal Many Wives)


Homosexual-Foxzia The politcally correct term would be Monoseiam

Slut-Devia (Pronunced De as in Day VIA as in MIA)


Kurma generally follows these photonics although very much of it can be manipulated to change into any style.

Letter IPA Approximate English Pronunciation
A a similar to 'a' in father
B b bar, but at the end of a word it is pronounced as [p].
Ċ ch church
D d day, but at the end of a word it is pronounced as [t].
E En end
F f far
Ġ Ga ga gao
G g gee
H h Pronunced commonly as it's full photonic value H
Ħ ħ Usually pronounced like Hurricane or a breathly huff
I i Eye
II iee, feet
J j yard
K k caw
L l line
M m march
N n next
O o drain-o or short version like Ostritch
P p part
Q q queen
R r Prounced often like 'Air
S s sand
SHI shi shee
T t tired
U u like 'oo' in boom, but shorter.
V v vast
W w west
X x Often silent with exceptions. Example The word Tibadaux the x would normally be silent. But in Kurma the X would be prononced same with faux (said as foks) Can also be said as Z as in Zebra
Z zee} Zee bra
Y Ya Pronounced like the English ya (Short not like yeah)
ZE ey they

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