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The charts below record the Federal Republic's votes on most United Nations resolutions since it became a UN Delegate in May 2005, with separate sections for the votes of each permanent representative to the world body.

OMGTKK relinquished its delegacy the week of Dec. 16, 2005, though its votes as delegate remain a matter of public record. It resigned from the United Nations on Feb. 9, 2006; all votes shown for Jack Riley after that date were cast via a UN puppet. All votes shown for Sammy Faisano and Susa Batko-Yovino were cast directly by the Federal Republic, as it formally returned to the United Nations on July 24, 2006.

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  • Resolution Status: Passed | Failed | Repealed

Abstentions/Null votes

The Federal Republic either failed to cast a vote, or abstained, on the following resolutions:

Abstain/No vote
Nuclear Armaments (July 2005)
United Nations Security Act (July 2005)
UN Patent Law (May 2006)
UN Copyright Convention (June 2006)
Marriage Protection Act (Oct. 2006)
No Ex Post Facto Laws (Jan. 2007)
Emigration Rights (Feb. 2007)
Environmental Science (July 2007)
UN Labor Relations Act (July 2007)

Jack Riley (June 2005-July 2006)

Riley was on a "medical leave of absence" from the first week of June 2006 until his dismissal during the final week of July. All votes recorded during that time should be construed to have been cast by either mission or State Department staff.

(2005.06.28) Repeal "Elimination of Bio Weapons" (2005.06.10) Protection of Dolphins Act
(2005.07.18) Repeal "National Systems of Tax" (2005.06.10) Ban Chemical Weapons
(2005.08.13) The Microcredit Bazaar (2005.07.13) Civilian Rights Post War
(2005.08.28) Repeal "Protection of Dolphins Act" (2005.07.23) UN Biological Weapons Ban
(2005.09.02) UNCoESB (2005.07.28) Establish UNWCC
(2005.09.07) Repeal "Ban Chemical Weapons" (2005.08.03) Freedom of Conscience
(2005.09.17) Promotion of Solar Panels (2005.08.08) Mitigation of Large Reservoirs
(2005.09.27) Repeal "Promotion of Solar Panels" (2005.08.18) The Transgender Equality Act
(2005.10.02) Repeal "DVD Region Removal" (2005.08.23) The Sex Education Act
(2005.10.19) Diplomatic Immunity (2005.09.12) Adoption and IVF Rights
(2005.10.25) Representation in Taxation (2005.09.22) Labeling Standards
(2005.10.30) Repeal "Protection of Dolphins Act" (2005.10.08) Fossil Fuel Reduction Act
(2005.11.04) Repeal "Fossil Fuel Reduction Act" (2005.10.13) Worldwide Media Act
(2005.11.16) Global Food Distribution Act (2005.11.21) IT Education Act
(2005.11.26) UN Small Business Education (2005.12.11) Right to Divorce
(2005.12.01) Repeal "UCPL" (2005.12.16) Forced Banishment Ban
(2005.12.06) Rights of Neutral States (2005.12.21) Rights of Biological Sapients
(2005.12.26) Repeal "Right to Divorce" (2006.01.05) Artistic Freedom
(2005.12.31) Repeal "Save the forests of the World" (2006.01.15) Civilian Casualty Records
(2006.01.10) Repeal "MANDATORY RECYCLING" (2006.01.25) Repeal "Stop dumping - Start Cleaning"
(2006.01.20) Repeal "The Law of the Sea" (2006.02.14) Repeal "Abortion Rights"
(2006.01.30) Repeal "The Rights of Labor Unions" (2006.02.19) Workplace Safety Act
(2006.02.04) Repeal "Gay Rights" (2006.02.24) Remittances and Tiny Deposits
(2006.02.09) Anti-Terrorism Act (2006.03.01) Recreational Drug Legalization
(2006.03.07) Abortion Legality Convention (2006.03.17) The Right to Form Unions
(2006.03.12) Meteorological Cooperation [1] (2006.04.15) Repeal "Hydrogen Powered Vehicles"
(2006.03.22) UN Demining Survey (2006.04.30) Waste Disposal Covenant [2]
(2006.03.27) Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act (2006.05.20) Repeal "Stop privacy intrusion"
(2006.04.01) Maritime Safety Standards Act (2006.05.25) Patients Rights Act
(2006.04.05) Repeal "Scientific Freedom" (2006.05.30) Rights of the Disabled
(2006.04.10) Auto Free Trade Agreement (2006.06.09) Repeal "Replanting Trees"
(2006.04.20) Repeal "Banning the use of Landmines" (2006.06.14) Repeal "Legalise Euthanasia"
(2006.04.25) Nuclear Energy Research Act (2006.06.19) RFID in new Weapons
(2006.05.10) Repeal "Citizen Rule Required" (2006.07.04) Individual Self-Determination
(2006.05.15) UN Recycling Commission (2006.07.14) Freedom of Scientific Research
(2006.06.04) UN Security Act 1
(2006.06.24) Repeal "Ban Single-Hulled Tankers"
(2006.07.09) Repeal "The 40 Hour Workweek"
(2006.07.19) International Emergency Number
(2006.07.24) UN Counterterrorism Initiative

Sammy Faisano (July 2006-Aug. 2007)

(2006.07.29) Child Pornography Prohibition (2006.08.15) Hearing Impaired Aid Act
(2006.07.30) Repeal "Metric System" (2006.08.25) Help Prevent Ozone Depletion
(2006.08.08) Repeal "Sexual Freedom" (2006.08.30) Repeal "Definition of Marriage"
(2006.08.20) UN Educational Aid Act (2006.09.19) Repeal "Keep The World Disease-Free!"
(2006.09.04) Orbital Space Safety Act (2006.09.30) Outlaw Necrophilia
(2006.09.09) Individual Working Freedoms [3] (2006.10.25) Chemical Transport Standards
(2006.09.14) Clothing Supply Pact (2006.10.30) Sustainable Agriculture Center
(2006.09.24) Repeal "Support Hemp Production" (2006.12.14) Mutual Recognition of Borders
(2006.10.05) Freedom of Assembly (2006.12.19) Environment Protection Act
(2006.10.10) Fair Sentencing Act (2006.12.24) UN Drug Act
(2006.10.15) Repeal "Establish UNWCC" (2006.12.29) Repeal "Fair Sentencing Act"
(2006.11.04) Repeal "Sexual Freedom" (2007.01.09) Sexual Privacy Act
(2006.11.09) Repeal "Hearing Impaired Aid Act" (2007.01.14) Extraordinary Rendition
(2006.11.14) Repeal "Public Domain" (2007.02.03) Nuclear Responsibility
(2006.11.19) Unconventional Arms Accord (2007.03.15) Climate Refugee Commission
(2006.11.24) UN Fair Wage Convention (2007.03.20) UN Economics Prize
(2006.12.04) Repeal "World Heritage List" (2007.03.30) Repeal "UN Patent Law"
(2006.12.09) Repeal "Due Process" (2007.05.09) Forest Management
(2007.01.03) Prohibition of UN Military [4] (2007.05.27) International Trade Currency
(2007.01.24) Healthcare Certification (2007.06.19) For the Benefit of Artists
(2007.01.29) Repeal UN Educational Committee (2007.07.04) Unnecessary Animal Cruelty
(2007.02.08) Continuity of Government (2007.07.09) Protection of Historical Sites
(2007.02.18) Repeal "Free Education"
(2007.02.23) Radiological Terrorism
(2007.02.28) Repeal "Hydrogen Powered Vehicles"
(2007.03.05) Repeal "The Right to Form Unions"
(2007.03.10) Repeal "UN Biological Weapons Ban"
(2007.03.25) UN Bio Agent Convention
(2007.04.09) Repeal "Sexual Freedom"
(2007.04.14) Repeal "Mutual Recognition of Borders"
(2007.14.19) Cultural Heritage in War
(2007.04.24) Maritime Neutrality Covention
(2007.04.29) Repeal "Metric System"
(2007.05.04) Repeal "Banning whaling"
(2007.05.14) Establishment of ICPIN
(2007.05.20) UN Funding Act
(2007.06.06) Disease Prevention and Control
(2007.06.24) Repeal "Protect Historical Sites"
(2007.06.29) Repeal "The Right to Form Unions"
(2007.08.15) Accessible Family Planning
(2007.08.20) Repeal "SPCC Regulation Act"

Susa Batko-Yovino/Jenny Chiang (Aug. 2007-present)

(2007.09.25) Spelling Alphabet and ID Codes (2007.09.01) Repeal "Individual Self-Determination"
(2007.10.16) Repeal "Common Sense Act II" (2007.09.06) Water Quality and Conservation
(2007.09.20) UNID Card Act
(2007.10.11) Max Barry Day

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