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The dollar (currency code KSD) is the currency of Kelssek and the monetary basis of its economy. To prevent speculation no more than KSD 100,000 may be taken out of Kelssek without a permit and the Bank of Kelssek regularly intervenes in foreign exchange markets to stabilise its value. In recent years the Bank of Kelssek has allowed the dollar to appreciate gradually. Some countries use the Kelssek dollar as a part of currency reserves because of this stability.

Cash denominations include coins of 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1 and $2, and are minted at the National Kelssekian Mint in Clayquot. Banknotes are in $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 denominations and are printed by the Bank of Kelssek Currency Printing Agency.

See also: Kelssek Ministry of Finance website for full-size versions of the banknotes

Security features

The primary anti-counterfeiting measure of the banknotes is double-side alignment, made possible by a special printing process which prints both sides of the note at once. When held up to light, the maple leaves on the front and back of the note should align perfectly. A watermark showing a maple leaf and the note's value should be visible on the bottom right corner (over the word "Kelssek") and under ultraviolet light, the Kelssek coat of arms and the value of the note will be visible on the front and back respectively. In addition, the notes are made of a composite paper-polymer material with a characteristic "feel".

Trade and foreign exchange

As all of Kelssek's trade is essentially the barter of goods through the International Fair Trade Agreement, the Kelssek dollar is seen in foreign exchange usually for the purpose of tourist visits to and from Kelssek. Trade of the currency on foreign exchange markets is allowed but the outflow of the Kelssek dollar is naturally limited and the monetary authority intervenes to ensure a stable value at about $1.10 to one real world US dollar (2006 value).


Value Colour Obverse Reverse
$5 Blue Peace Tower Polar bear
$10 Purple Remembrance Hall, National War Memorial Red and white poppies
$20 Green Kieran Pearson (Prime Minister 1956-1964) Mallard
$50 Red Arctic wolf Crystal Mountains
$100 Orange Radarsat, Spaceship One Twinklespring Valley landscape


Value Material Obverse Reverse
Copper-plated steel Maple leaf Kelssek coat of arms
Nickel-plated steel Maple leaf Beaver
10¢ Nickel-plated steel Maple leaf Courage galleon
25¢ Nickel-plated steel Maple leaf Reindeer
$1 Bronze-plated nickel Maple leaf Common loon
$2 Ring: Nickel
Centre: bronze-plated nickel
Maple leaf Polar bear

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