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used in: Neo-Erusea
Poorest Nation
former Sulatum states
introduced: 12th December, 1981
Exchange Rate: 1 Eruble=$1.2798

The Eruble is the currency used by the Glorious Republic of Neo-Erusea. It was formed to replace the foreign currncies that were widespread before it. Having an exceptionally high exchange rate for a totalitarion government, the Eruble is used by seven nations in use alongside their own. The Eruble has a higher exchange rate than all of these currencies.

History of the Eruble

The Neo-Erusean Eruble was first introduced in 12th December, 1981. Before that any foreign currency that found itself in Neo-Erusea would be used. Such currencies like the former Sulatumese Sulmark, the USD, the Anthyobian Crest, and the Biranian Betoln. Neo-Erusea soon became a hot spot for many crimials to mass-produce counterfiet versions of these currencies for use within Neo-Erusea. As diplomatic relations with many countries began to plumet along with their currencies' value, Neo-Erusea was pressured to create its own money. Finally this was answered in 1981 with the introduction of the Eruble. The Eruble quickly phased out foreign currencies and became popular with Neo-Erusea's citizens whom felt a sense of patriotism with the new Eruble. David Mondol, the premier of Neo-Erusea, ordered that his image be used on the one Eruble bills, and the Politburo determined what would be put on the others.

In 2007, the Neo-Erusean government began to print a new series of the Eruble. These new bills featured only the national colors of Neo-Erusea, which are crimson-red, white, and black.


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">neweruble.png
This is a new 500 Eruble bill.
</div>The Eruble is a paper bill that is printed in the colors of the Neo-Erusean flag. On the bottom-right corner of every Eruble is a Neo-Erusean flag. On the lower-right corner of every bill is the value of the note. Every bill features an object that varies according to value. In the top-right corner of every bill is the Neo-Erusean emblem.

Combating Counterfiet

Like in all countries, counterfieting is an unjust way to get money without a job. Like in the rest of the world, when Erubles are counterfieted, the value drops (being that there are more in circulation) and the economy is hurt. Therefore, the Neo-Erusean government has employed several common practices to differentiate real Erubles from fake ones. Like in many currencies, when held up into light, the Eruble will display a faint outline of the visible image featured. This is better known as a watermark. Also, every year the classified ink on the Eruble is changed, and a record of the ink used is kept with several backup files. Of course, the Eruble used pressed to give it a 'money feel,' so that normal paper can't be used. Neo-Erusea also incorporates other measures that are not realsed to the public.

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