Gold Point of Asgarnieu

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Gold Point of Asgarnieu
Used in: Asgarnieu, Venada Island, Asgarnian Antarctica, North African Union, San Mariano, Araban, Lieselstein, Lombardia, Free Nevada
Introduced: January 01, 1940
Exchange Rate: $1.93 USD



The Asgarnian Gold Point was introduced in 1940, when the nation was still The Holy Empire of Asgarnieu. It is worth $1.93 USD, and is backed up by gold, silver, and diamonds. The Gold Point is divided into 100 parts, each division called a "Rekvah". "Rekvah" translates roughly to "Coin" in the language of the Fl'eep Na'akty Tribe of Asgarnieu. 25 Rekvah is exactly 1/4 of a Gold Point.


All denominations and intentions are the same in each user country. The Denomination Table at the bottom of this page illustrates this further.

Use in Other Countries

The Gold Point of Asgarnieu is used in several nations, and varies slightly in each user country. Some variatons are merely in the signature on the note or coin, or as major as color changes or portrait changes. The only standard between them is the design. It is always laid out the same, and has the same markings. Colonial possessions use the same base currency version as Asgarnieu.

San Mariano

The Gold Point used in San Mariano is colored white and has equal and symmetrical gold pinstripes on it. Coins have a gold inside and a silver outside with platinum on the outer rim.

Araban, Lieselstein, and Lombardia

The Gold Points used in Araban, Lieselstein, and Lombardia are exactly the same as the base version used in Asgarnieu. Coins are the same as well.


Ą - Asgarnian Gold Point
ϡ - Rekvah

Possible New Currency

In November 2006, a new currency was proposed to the Grand Parliament. It is called the Point Card. It is a credit card-like system that automatically subtracts costs and taxes from a person's central bank account. Purchases are made via a debit-like system that keeps all monies in an account managed by the government.

It is unclear as to whether or not the public will accept the new design. There are, of course, considerable risks in making a currency transfer like this. A possible destabilization of the economy may occur due to one single computer glitch. Although this is unlikely, it is a possiblity. It is also a great security concern. A skilled hacker could get into a citizen's personal account and syphon money from that account into his or her own. One possible benefit is the reduction of dependance on precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. These metals could be used elsewhere, such as in the production of importable jewlery, in the manufacture of microchips, and in the making of communications wire.


There is a mint in every province, state, and territory. The national mint is located in Balkan City, and provides the currency for all of the user nations that do not have mints. Colonial possessions do not have mints, but get their currency shipments from the Druid Province Mint

Mints In Asgarnieu

Denomination Table

Note: This table represents the Base Unit of the Gold Point of Asgarnieu
Denomination Obverse Reverse Notes
1 Rekvah Emperor Harold III Government Building
5 Rekvah President Justin A. Herbert Presidential Palace
10 Rekvah Emperor Gerhard VII Flag of Asgarnieu
25 Rekvah Emperor Longview Asgarnian Coat or Arms
50 Rekvah Emperor Longview II Asgarnian Coat of Arms
1 Gold Point (100 Rekvah) President Justin A. Herbert Seal of The President of Asgarnieu
2 Gold Points (200 Rekvah) Asgarnian Order of Citizen's Rights Seal of Lyra Settlement
5 Gold Points (500 Rekvah) Balkan City Obelisk Seal of Balkan City
10 Gold Points (1,000 Rekvah) Asgarnian Grey Lion Head Asgarnian Grey Lion
1 Gold Point Emperor's Seal Anderson River
2 Gold Points Emperor Vargas VIII Crimson Cardinal
5 Gold Points Emperor Nathan II Royal Garden and Aviary
10 Gold Points Ruppio Island Elder's Orangutan
20 Gold Points Burton Mountain Range North And South Divide
50 Gold Points Emperor Percy XI Balkan City Obelisk
100 Gold Points Wild Dog Head North Wild Dog
500 Gold Points Asgarnieu Capital City Bank Reserve Note

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