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ITD Credit
Currency Code:ITCR
Currency Symbol:
User(s):Itinerate Tree Dweller
Subunit:1 Credit(₢) = 100 Centicredits(¤)
Exchange Rate NS Dollar ($) = ₢0.667
Nickname(s):Cred, Digit
Coins:1, 5 Centicredit
1, 5 Decicredit
1, 5 Credit
1, 5 Decacredit
1, 5 Hectocredit
1, 5, 10 Kilocredit.
Banknotes:1, 5 Credit
1, 5 Decacredit
1, 5 Hectocredit
1, 5, 10, 50, 100 Kilocredit.
Central Bank: Central Bank of Terra
Central Mint: Royal Mint of Terra
An ITD Credit Device
Credit Bills
The Hadethan Credit, more commonly known as the Itinerate Tree Dweller Credit is an electronically administered currency that is used for transactions within the bounds of the Hadethan Empire. This currency is administered and controlled by the central banking system in Tol'Kethis Prime, one of the capital cities of Itinerate Tree Dweller. Originally adopted as a join venture with the Directorate Alliance, this currency now serves as the primary currency in ITD.

The official ISO symbol for the Hadethan Credit is ITCR.


Itinerate Tree Dweller originally used a currency based on the Roman Denarii, which was a physical currency based on coinage. This currency performed well well into the 19th century, but when the availability and portability of paper currency was noticed and adopted. Paper currency is still used in some locations, but not so much in major cities. The new electronic form was adopted when the idea of 'credit cards' was formally adopted by major banking institutions. The central bank in Tol'Kethis Prime created a universal credit card in the 1980's and allowed citizens interest free use of this new banking institution. Today the credit cards are no longer used, instead citizens make use of cell phone and personal digital assistant like devices to organized and transfer their monies.

Exchange Rate

While traditionally free floating, this currency normally fluctuates around one (1) credit being equal to one and a half (1.5) United States Dollars.



Anything above a kilocredit is refered to in the actual amount of credits.

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