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The Yonàri
used in: see below
introduced: March 1 2007
Exchange Rate: 1Ҹ= $1.3495 USD

The Yonàri is a multi-national currency to be introduce to all Sunrise Union nations on March 1 2007. Plans for it had been drawn up for several months and finally culminated with the Signing of the Helre Treaty.

The Helre Treaty

Is named after its main writer and most ardent supporter Leon Helre. It was first proposed during the Lucidare Summit where the former G5 nations had gathered to solve the problems of their former alliance.


  • The Organization formally known as the G5 or Group of Five shall be defunct and non-existant. All things formsly symbolizing this union are hereby no more and all actions taken by this organization are defunct.
  • The Organization formally known as the G5 will now be called by it's new name the Sunrise Union or SU after the Sunrise Free Trade Agreement (SUFTA. and shall be put to uses as so the members will co-operate and function as a nation-state organization.
  • A new currency will be used amongst the members to help the Sunrise Free Trade Agreement (SUFTA) and help foster economic unity.
  • The new currency will be regulated by the World Bank of ----Kenny----.


The Helre Treaty was highly contested and agued out for many months and the G5 parliament broke down several times. Many people in the member nations had thought it bad enough to be a member of the G5 let alone change their currencies. The Treaty was amended several times and the Yonàri was finally accepted. Many will miss their older currencies, Island Dollars, Soxian Lira, Florinas, and Munny. The move to switch to the Yonàri is still quite a hot issue in many of the SU states. The Official Switch to the Yonàri will take place on March 1, 2007.

The Usage

As it turned out the Yonàri didn't work out as well as many SU leaders had hoped and so they switched beck to their old currencies. Most thought all was over for the Yonàri but they were quite wrong. North Moon Island and ----Kenny---- both decided to keep it as their national currency so all was not lost. The Yonàri as time progressed was used by more nations, Anna Rox Ur Sox adopted it on April 3, 2007,Yokaria on April 19, 2007, Aurania-Shifre on May 3, 2007 and more recently with their independence The Cooke Islands.

List of Countries using the Yonàri

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