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troczelrelc The $CCU (Currency Symbol $, PSEX Code SCCU) is the primary currency of the Cyberian-descended nations within the Region of PEEL. It is also the de facto regional currency for PEEL due to the DROOP's strong ties to New Cyberia (it was formerly based in the City of Reeding and currently sits on the former Cyberian island of Planex).


The SCCU is the current name for one of the eldest surviving currencies in the region, the cyberan (Old Cyberian spelling : cyberane). Originally formed as a currency between the major banks of the 15th century, in 1495 it was officially adopted by royal decree as the national currency of the Kingdom of Cyberia. Remaining in use for the remainder of the 2nd Millennium, the cyberan came to be regarded as a stable, albeit middle-value, currency which never quite gained the external popularity of the currencies of the larger powers, like the Nurdbotian Slavlic. The currency continued to be used after the transition of New Cyberia from a Kingdom to a democracy, and from an isolated island-state to a member of the PEEL Council.

Devolution of the DSNC

With the decision to create a new alliance between smaller Cyberian states, it was felt that it would be insulting to force nations largely populated by former rivals of the Cyberians (such as the Betronians and Alphanians) to use a currency tied so strongly to the nation which had conquered them. In order to ease relations with these new states the currency was officially renamed the SCCU (Standard Cyberian Currency Unit) in the early 2040s. Under this new name the currency has largely been devalued, as the economically weaker nations of the GCU offset the power of the twin powerhouses of the GCU (New Cyberia and East Talaman), resulting in a dismal 20th place ranking among the local currencies of the region. This fact has lead to some resentment in the financial sector of New Cyberia, although not to a particularly widespread extent.


As described above, the Democratic Regional Order Of PEEL's close ties with New Cyberia meant that the SCCU was adopted as the organisation's main currency upon it's foundation. All PCIX and DROOP economical reports are generally expressed in terms of the SCCU.

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