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Part of the Random Kingdom factbook.

The Orca (Θ) is the currency of Random Kingdom. The conversion rate fluctuates, but during normality is around Θ1 = $1.2576.


A typical Acoria Union orcacard (owned by Acoran Smith II

It is a unique currency because no pieces exist - the currency is transferred using digital accounts and debit card-style "orca-cards" which uses a cheque-style system to transfer cash from one person's account to another. Due to this, there is no real limit to how orcas can be divided up- an auction once sold a first-edition print of an autobiography for Θ39,999.99recurring.

Orca-cards can be tied to separate accounts or one account (for businesses and families etc.). When used for one account, orca-cards are sometimes issued with a quota (an upper limit on how much of the account the person can withdraw). This is usually used for children and employees.

In these cases, a person can use his orca-card to transfer data to another. This is usually used by parents to give their children their quota for dinner etc.

When exchanged for physical currencies at bureau-de-changes, any numbers below the second decimal place are omitted before converting.


  • A man is paid Θ240 at the end of a workday. The clerk inserts the man's orca-card into his computer, logs into his account and writes onto it a piece of digital information that states that ACME Industries pays A.Mann Θ240.
  • The man then takes the orca-card into his bank and hands it over. The data is verified, and Θ240 is taken from the ACME Industries account and placed in the Mann family account.
  • Bills, etc. go through a Direct Transfer, which exchanges cash without a card.
  • A girl buys 2 ice-creams for Θ2. She phones home and asks her father to place Θ2 on the card, then hands the shopkeeper the card. He then adds the name of his company's account and uses his till to contact the bank.
  • A boy can't buy a Θ100 games console as his quota is set at 20% of the account, which is currently Θ50 (hard times).
  • A similar boy can't buy the same console as his quota is fixed at Θ30.

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