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The Groat is the currency of Bettia and its two puppets, Northern Bettia and Morgrugyn, and is usually symbolised by the Arabic letter 'ghain' غ, or by the abbreviation GR:. The Groat's ISO symbol is BTGR.

One Groat is made up of 100 Pence, and is roughly equivalant to 1.80 to 2.00 Universal Standard Dollars, although this has fluctuated wildly of late.


The following coins and notes are currently in circulation:


The obverse (heads) side of all Bettian coins feature the circled crescent moon and star as it appears on the Bettian flag. The coins are ordered in an ascending scale of size and thickness, and each have a distinct combination of edging and (in some cases) shape as an aid for the visually-impaired.

Denomination Material Diameter Thickness Edge Reverse (tails) Design
1 pence Copper 20mm 1.65mm Smooth Image of a Banastran Bird of Paradise in flight.
2 pence Copper 22mm 1.70mm Milled. Image of a Clodien Blue Sage bush and flowers.
5 pence Nickel 24mm 1.75mm Waved Abstract water-based design, signifying Bettia's plentiful water supply and rainfall.
10 pence Nickel 26mm 1.85mm Smooth with a central raised edge. Silhouette of a man striking a football.
20 pence Nickel 28mm 1.95mm Notched Abstract design signifying Bettia's information technology industry.
50 pence Nickel 30mm 2.1mm Waved Traditional islamic floral pattern.
1 Groat Nickel-brass 32mm 2.25mm Smooth, ten-sided Frontal image of an Arora.
2 Groats Nickel-brass 35mm 2.5mm Milled 5mm diameter hole in centre, with the shahada ("la ilaha il-Allah, Muhammadur rasul-Allah - there are no gods besides Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah") running around the outside.


As an aid to the visually-impaired, Bettian banknotes have their particular denomination written in braille in the top right corner on both sides. The obverse side of all denominations shows a specially-commissioned vignette signifying the diversity of Bettian art and culture.

Denomination Predominant Colour Reverse Design
5 Groats Green A scene showing Tiddles Park (the national stadium of Bettia) on a typical matchday.
10 Groats Sky blue A picture of an Arora, a lion and a hyppo, signifying Bettia's friendship with her neighbours Nedalia and Hypocria.
20 Groats Violet A airborne view of Sweeney Falls.
50 Groats Golden-brown The scene of Bettia's national football team celebrating after winning World Cup 33.

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